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Trivia Quiz - Lost in Space: 60s Space Adventure!

"Danger, Will Robinson" and to you if you don't know the answers to these "Lost in Space" trivia questions!

Quiz Number: 1459
Date Submitted: July 15, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Sci-Fi
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Lost in Space 60s Space Adventure
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1. In what years did "Lost in Space" originally run on TV?
  A.   1965 - 1968
  B.   1955 - 1958
  C.   1970 - 1977
  D.   1980 - 1988

2. What was the name of the "Lost in Space" spaceship?
  A.   Apollo 1
  B.   Jupiter 2
  C.   Enterprise
  D.   Mariner

3. What was the original destination for the space mission?
  A.   Mars
  B.   Moon
  C.   Alpha Centauri
  D.   Space Station Beta

4. How much did the pilot episode cost to produce?
  A.   $7,000
  B.   $70,000
  C.   $700,000
  D.   $7,000,000

5. In what future year (not the year the show was made) did The Robinsons blast off in "Lost in Space"?
  A.   2000
  B.   1984
  C.   2020
  D.   1997

6. Who wrote the theme song for "Lost in Space?"
  A.   Harry Mancini
  B.   John Williams
  C.   Barry Kroft
  D.   Randy Newman

7. What actor played the pilot Don West in "Lost in Space?"
  A.   Kurt Russell
  B.   Billy Mumy
  C.   Ron Howard
  D.   Mark Goddard

8. What actor played the stowaway Dr. Smith in "Lost in Space?"
  A.   Jonathan Harris
  B.   Guy Williams
  C.   Dick Tufeld
  D.   Don Rickles

9. June Lockhart played Dr. Maureen Robinson in "Lost in Space." In what field of study was she trained?
  A.   astrophysicist
  B.   biochemist
  C.   engineer
  D.   surgeon

10. What was the name of the robot on "Lost in Space?"
  A.   Robbie
  B.   Starlight
  C.   XL148
  D.   No name ever given®   

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