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Trivia Quiz - New Jersey "Firsts"

Think you know about New Jersey trivia? Test your knowledge with this quiz about some very important firsts from different towns in the state.

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Date Submitted: June 21, 2007
Quiz Categories: Amazing "Firsts" in History!, U.S. States
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
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New Jersey Firsts
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1. The first phonograph was made by Thomas A. Edison in 1877 in this town:
  A.   Edison
  B.   Metuchen
  C.   Menlo Park
  D.   Highland Park

2. The first balloon flight in America was made by Jean-Pierre Blanchard in 1793:
  A.   Deptford
  B.   Camden
  C.   Hoboken
  D.   Hackensack

3. In 1940,the first solid body electric guitar was invented by Les Paul here:
  A.   Hoboken
  B.   Paramus
  C.   Mahwah
  D.   Waldwick

4. On November 6, 1869 the first intercollegiate football game was played by Rutgers and Princeton here:
  A.   New Brunswick
  B.   North Brunswick
  C.   East Brunswick
  D.   Princeton

5. The first organized baseball game was played here in 1846:
  A.   Hackensack
  B.   East Rutherford
  C.   Jersey City
  D.   Hoboken

6. The first boardwalk in the world was built here in 1870:
  A.   Seaside Heights
  B.   Atlantic City
  C.   Ocean City
  D.   Asbury Park

7. The first ferry service in the U.S. operated between here and Manhattan in 1811.
  A.   Atlantic Highlands
  B.   Atlantic City
  C.   Hoboken
  D.   Jersey City

8. The first airplane passenger flight flew from New York to here on May 3, 1919:
  A.   Atlantic Highlands
  B.   Atlantic City
  C.   Hoboken
  D.   Newark

9. The first movie was developed by Thomas A. Edison here in 1889:
  A.   Menlo Park
  B.   West Orange
  C.   South Orange
  D.   East Orange

10. The first drive-in movie theater was built on a 10-acre plot here in 1933:
  A.   Atlantic City
  B.   Camden
  C.   Trenton
  D.   Princeton®   

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