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Trivia Quiz - Animals of Australia

The island continent of Australia is home to many unique and unusual animals. Can you name them?

Quiz Number: 1259
Date Submitted: May 22, 2007
Quiz Categories: Animals & Animal Study
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Animals of Australia
(Image Source: Kangaroo)

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1. Many people think of this animal as a bear, but it is really a marsupial.
  A.   panda
  B.   lemur
  C.   koala
  D.   polar

2. The wild dog of Australia
  A.   dingo
  B.   pademelon
  C.   quokka
  D.   wallaby

3. This odd-looking animal has the tail of a beaver, webbed feet, and a duck-shaped bill.
  A.   frill-necked lizard
  B.   platypus
  C.   galah
  D.   sugar glider

4. This brown bird's call sounds like a laughing jackass.
  A.   lorrikeet
  B.   cassawarry
  C.   kookaburra
  D.   brolga

5. This animal is also known as the spiny anteater.
  A.   wallaroo
  B.   quoll
  C.   kowari
  D.   echidna

6. This flightless bird is the third largest in the world.
  A.   magpie
  B.   oystercatcher
  C.   galah
  D.   emu

7. This black carnivorous marsupial does not resemble its cartoon counterpart.
  A.   dingo
  B.   Tasmanian devil
  C.   koala
  D.   bandicoot

8. A marsupial baby is known as a:
  A.   joey
  B.   kid
  C.   calf
  D.   widget

9. Large marsupial males appear to box to establish their territories. The red breed is the largest.
  A.   quoll
  B.   quokka
  C.   kangaroo
  D.   numbat

10. A large monitor (reptile) with a long tail and snake-like tongue
  A.   kowari
  B.   goanna
  C.   echnida
  D.   Tasmanian devil®   

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