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Trivia Quiz - X-Men Mutants

Name the "X-Men" mutant given a short description. -lmcubs

Quiz Number: 1184
Date Submitted: May 09, 2007
Quiz Categories: Fantasy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 92.1 percent
Times Taken: 199 times
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X Men Mutants
(Image Source: X-Men)

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1. Blades erupt from his hands:
  A.   Leech
  B.   Psylocke
  C.   Beast
  D.   Wolverine

2. Can manipulate others' minds:
  A.   Deathstriker
  B.   Mystique
  C.   Professor Charles Xavier
  D.   Storm

3. Must be contained in a plastic prison:
  A.   Rogue
  B.   Magneto
  C.   Iceman
  D.   Cannonball

4. Emits energy bursts when his visor is removed:
  A.   Cyclops
  B.   Iceman
  C.   Pyro
  D.   Psylocke

5. Jet pilot who can control the weather:
  A.   Iceman
  B.   Angel
  C.   Storm
  D.   Cerebra

6. Blue-skinned shapeshifter:
  A.   Mystique
  B.   Jean Grey
  C.   Leech
  D.   Rogue

7. Teleports through shadows:
  A.   Wolverine
  B.   Cyclops
  C.   Magneto
  D.   Psylocke

8. Telekinetic, can move things with the mind:
  A.   Angel
  B.   Jean Grey
  C.   Nightcrawler
  D.   Pyro

9. Creates ice around their body:
  A.   Pyro
  B.   Rogue
  C.   Deathstriker
  D.   Iceman

10. Can absorb other mutants' powers through touch:
  A.   Professor Charles Xavier
  B.   Rogue
  C.   Leech
  D.   Storm®   

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