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Trivia Quiz - Van Halen Basics #1

History of one of the great rock bands in recent history

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Van Halen Basics 1
(Image Source: Salvador Dominguez)

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1. What year was Van Halen's first album released?
  A.   1977
  B.   1976
  C.   1978
  D.   1979

2. What was the name of the band that bass player Michael Anthony was in before Van Halen
  A.   Snake
  B.   Mammoth
  C.   Ice Angels
  D.   Pegasus

3. What is the nickname of Edward Van Halen's famous striped guitar?
  A.   Wolfie
  B.   Eruptor
  C.   FrankenStrat
  D.   Gibby

4. Both Edward and Alex Van Halen were classically trained on what instrument?
  A.   Cello
  B.   Violin
  C.   Piano
  D.   Guitar

5. What country do Edward and Alex Van Halen call home?
  A.   Germany
  B.   Netherlands
  C.   Sweeden
  D.   Finland

6. What was the name of the first cd with Sammy Hagar as the lead singer
  A.   OU812
  B.   5150
  C.   Women and Children First
  D.   1984

7. Sammy Hagar was a member of what famous band before Van Halen?
  A.   The Who
  B.   Deep Purple
  C.   Montrose
  D.   The Knack

8. What Classical music performer is Edward's son named after?
  A.   Bach
  B.   Beethoven
  C.   Strauss
  D.   Mozart

9. What is Sammy Hagar's middle name?
  A.   Lee
  B.   David
  C.   Ray
  D.   Roy

10. What instrument was Edward and Alex's father famous for playing?
  A.   Piano
  B.   Guitar
  C.   Clarinet
  D.   Flute®   

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