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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek: Next Generation Guest Stars

Many stars appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sometimes it was difficult to identify the actor due to the costume and make-up. So, give it a try - what part did these actors play? -lmcubs

Quiz Number: 1034
Date Submitted: April 04, 2007
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 60.7 percent
Times Taken: 82 times
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Star Trek Next Generation Guest Stars
(Image Source: Star Trek: Next Generation @ Wikipedia)

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1. Whoopi Goldberg:
  A.   Guinan
  B.   Ro
  C.   Tilon
  D.   Shirley

2. Ashley Judd:
  A.   Ensign Wynonna
  B.   Ensign Keiko
  C.   Ensign Gowron
  D.   Ensign Lefler

3. David Ogden Stiers:
  A.   Duras
  B.   Timicin
  C.   Lore
  D.   Q

4. John Tesh's race (his character did not have a name):
  A.   Klingon
  B.   Romulan
  C.   Borg
  D.   Betazoid

5. Joe Piscopo:
  A.   The Dancer
  B.   The Janitor
  C.   The Transporter Chief
  D.   The Comic

6. Kelsey Grammer:
  A.   Captain Bateson
  B.   Chief O'Brien
  C.   LT. Tuvok
  D.   Captain Archer

7. Teri Hatcher:
  A.   Ensign Smith
  B.   LT. Torres
  C.   Chief B G Robinson
  D.   Commander Riker

8. Ray Walston:
  A.   Decker
  B.   Boothby
  C.   Q
  D.   Chakotay

9. Michelle Phillips:
  A.   Beverly Scarlette
  B.   Deanna Troi
  C.   Jenice Manheim
  D.   Deb Gracey

10. Brenda Strong:
  A.   Ensign Keiko
  B.   Ensign Smith
  C.   Deb Gracey
  D.   Rashella®   

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