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Trivia Quiz - The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary was the heroine to many baby boomer females. Here are just a few questions about "The Mary Tyler Moore Show, an Emmy-winning TV show. -lmcubs

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Date Submitted: March 31, 2007
Quiz Categories: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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The Mary Tyler Moore Show
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1. To what city did Mary Richards move at the beginning of her series?
  A.   Portland
  B.   Minneapolis
  C.   Boston
  D.   Chicago

2. What did Mary Tyler Moore drive and wash during the opening credits of her show?
  A.   VW Beetle
  B.   Old beat up Chevy
  C.   Ford Mustang
  D.   No car is shown

3. Lou Grant, Mary Richards's boss, told her he hated her "spunk." What else of Mary's did he hate?
  A.   Her cheerfulness
  B.   Her friends
  C.   Her clothes
  D.   Her parties

4. What is the name of the studio in which Mary Richards works?
  A.   WJM Newsroom
  B.   WMTM Newsroom
  C.   KTC Newsroom
  D.   KJL Newsroom

5. Before becoming famous in his own sitcom, who played Rhoda's uninvited guest on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"?
  A.   Henry Winkler
  B.   Robin Williams
  C.   Ron Howard
  D.   David Cassidy

6. Whom did Ted Baxter idolize on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"?
  A.   Ronald Reagan
  B.   Chet Huntley
  C.   Walter Cronkite
  D.   Neil Armstrong

7. Which of the following talented actors/actresses NEVER received an Emmy for their work on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"?
  A.   Gavin MacLeod
  B.   Edward Asner
  C.   Betty White
  D.   Cloris Leachman

8. On "Mary Tyler Moore", We never saw Phyllis' husband, Lars. What was his profession?
  A.   Psychiatrist
  B.   Dermatologist
  C.   Dentist
  D.   Plastic Surgeon

9. Mary Richards and her news friends always wanted to win a local broadcasting award. What were these awards called?
  A.   Jemmies
  B.   Tinkers
  C.   Tellies
  D.   Teddies

10. In early 2007, what company uses the Mary Tyler Moore theme song in their TV ads?
  A.   Chicos
  B.   Crest
  C.   Polaroid
  D.   Talbots®   

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