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Trivia Quiz - The Cosby Show

This is a quiz to see what people know about "The Cosby Show." tjinky

Quiz Number: 833
Date Submitted: February 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tjinky
Average Score: 56.2 percent
Times Taken: 1,645 times
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The Cosby Show
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1. What surprise did Denise NOT have when she came back from Africa?
  A.   that she was married
  B.   that she had a child
  C.   that she was pregnant
  D.   that she might go to college

2. Where did Theo go to college?
  A.   Stanford University
  B.   Syracuse University
  C.   Hillman College
  D.   New York University

3. Who went to Hillman College?
  A.   Theo
  B.   Sandra
  C.   Vanessa
  D.   Denise

4. What was the real name of the friend Rudy called "Bud"?
  A.   Kevin
  B.   Kenny
  C.   Buddy
  D.   Jimmy

5. What did Denise talk Elvin and Sandra into doing?
  A.   accepting money from Cliff and Claire
  B.   getting a babysitter for the twins so they could go out alone
  C.   going back to college
  D.   moving back in with Cliff and Claire

6. What did Rudy tell Olivia to do that Cliff would love?
  A.   write
  B.   compliment him
  C.   make a sad "puppy dog" face
  D.   read

7. What did Cliff want to eat for his birthday?
  A.   pizza
  B.   beef wellington
  C.   a hoagie
  D.   chocolate cake

8. Which of the following was NOT in the first episode of the show?
  A.   Denise
  B.   Theo
  C.   Sandra
  D.   Rudy

9. What cause did Pam and her friends rally for?
  A.   lowering grocery prices
  B.   bullying at school
  C.   raising the curfew in the city
  D.   teen pregnancy

10. Who did Cliff put in the basement?
  A.   Theo and Vanessa
  B.   Rudy and Olivia
  C.   Vanessa and Rudy
  D.   Denise and Theo®   

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