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Trivia Quiz - 1960s Rock n Roll Stars & Supporting Cast

All of these 1960s bands have a star and supporting cast. I give you the name of the star and you give me the name of the supporting cast. After you submit your answers you'll see their best known hit in the additional information.

Quiz Number: 803
Date Submitted: January 15, 2007
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: krystal
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1960s Rock n Roll Stars  Supporting Cast
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1. Danny and the __________
  A.   Dreamers
  B.   Juniors
  C.   Delfonics
  D.   Drifters

2. Gary Puckett and the __________
  A.   Union Gap
  B.   Groundhogs
  C.   Americans
  D.   Southerns

3. Gary Lewis and the __________
  A.   Gentrys
  B.   Easy Beats
  C.   Playboys
  D.   Fortunes

4. Gerry and the __________
  A.   Pacemakers
  B.   Jay Birds
  C.   Dreamers
  D.   Fleetwoods

5. ? and the __________
  A.   Quicksilvers
  B.   Commas
  C.   Revolutions
  D.   Mysterians

6. Bill Haley and the __________
  A.   Barbarians
  B.   Comets
  C.   Stars
  D.   Band

7. Joey Dee and the __________
  A.   Doodlers
  B.   Joystrings
  C.   Starliters
  D.   Showmen

8. Sly and the __________
  A.   Small Faces
  B.   Slickers
  C.   Family Stone
  D.   Spaniels

9. Paul Revere and the __________
  A.   Plastic Penny
  B.   Revolutions
  C.   Pleazers
  D.   Raiders

10. Spanky and __________
  A.   Our Gang
  B.   Sports
  C.   Western Riders
  D.   Wooden Nickels®   

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