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Trivia Quiz - Seinfeld - Fun Facts

Questions about Seinfeld characters, Seinfeld episodes and Seinfeld trivia!

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Date Submitted: October 02, 2006
Quiz Categories: Seinfeld
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dave
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Seinfeld  Fun Facts
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1. In one episode of Seinfeld, George strikes out with a girl - no surprise. First, he gets caught eating out of the garbage, then his girlfriends mom sees him washing a windshield on the street. Finally:
  A.   He gets mistaken for a pan handler
  B.   He walks out of the bathroom at a party with no shirt on
  C.   He is seen running down the street in his underwear
  D.   He is seen dating another woman

2. Seinfeld has his share of bad luck with the ladies. In one episode, he can't remember the name of a gal he's dating. He guesses incorrectly that it's:
  A.   Delores
  B.   Daisy
  C.   Mulva
  D.   Melwina

3. Seinfeld and crew love the soup from one particular place in Manhattan, but the owner is so demanding of protocol, that they dub him "The Soup Nazi". In the end, Elaine gets her revenge on him by:
  A.   Discovering his recipes in a furniture piece
  B.   Sneaking Spices into the soup
  C.   Getting the health department to write him up
  D.   Pretending to find a bug in her food

4. In one Seinfeld episode, George poses as a marine biologist to impress a date. This almost gets him into trouble when:
  A.   He finds out she's a marine biologist
  B.   He meets her father, whose a marine biologist
  C.   She meets Elaine, and they begin to talk about George
  D.   A crowd on the beach looks for a marine biologist to help a beached whale

5. In one episode, Elaine finds herself falling under the power of her therapist. To discourage him from taking the relationship further, she tries to pretend her boyfriend is:
  A.   Jerry
  B.   Kramer
  C.   George
  D.   Newman

6. When Jerry Seinfeld and George Kostanza pitch their sitcom idea to Network Producers, they claim it's a show about:
  A.   A guy in New York hanging out with his three buddies
  B.   social deviants
  C.   A bunch of New York City misfits
  D.   Nothing

7. Jerry is dating a woman named Audrey whose father owns a restaurant. During a bathroom break, Jerry sees the father leave the restroom without washing his hands. Jerry then refuses to eat the pizza he makes. What is the father's name?
  A.   Matt
  B.   Joe
  C.   Poppie
  D.   Perry

8. On Seinfeld, who provides the voice of George Steinbrenner?
  A.   Larry David
  B.   Jason Alexander
  C.   Michael Richards
  D.   Jay Leno

9. One episode of Seinfeld finds Jerry trying to get David Putty and Elaine back together so that:
  A.   He can get a deal on a car
  B.   He can get some Yankees tickets
  C.   He can get a free vacation
  D.   He can get them to babysit his apartment for him

10. The Seinfeld character of George Kostanza is based on:
  A.   Bob Geldoff
  B.   Lorne Michaels
  C.   Larry David
  D.   Lou Costello®   

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