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Trivia Quiz - Anthony Albanese - Australia's 31st Prime Minister

Quiz Number: 5881
Date Submitted: June 10, 2022
Quiz Categories: History, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Anthony Albanese  Australias 31st Prime Minister

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1. Born in 1963, Anthony Albanese did not meet his father until 2009 for what reason?
  A.   He was told while growing up that his father was dead.
  B.   His father was living in Italy.
  C.   His father's name was never recorded on his birth certificate.
  D.   All the above.

2. Anthony Albanese represents what seat in the Australian Parliament?
  A.   Blaxland
  B.   Werriwa
  C.   Grayndler
  D.   Griffith

3. Anthony Albanese has been a long-term politician, entering federal parliament in what year?
  A.   1993
  B.   1996
  C.   1999
  D.   2002

4. With what section of the Labor Party did Anthony Albanese align in his early political career?
  A.   left wing
  B.   centre right
  C.   right wing
  D.   Fabians

5. Known for his political acumen, what position did Anthony Albanese hold when Labor was returned to government in 2007 under Kevin Rudd?
  A.   Party whip
  B.   Speaker of the House
  C.   Leader of the House
  D.   Senate Leader

6. When Julia Gillard took the prime ministership from Kevin Rudd in 2010, what was Anthony Albanese's involvement the matter?
  A.   He supported Rudd.
  B.   He supported Gillard.
  C.   He played no part in the intrigue.
  D.   He considered running against both of them as an alternative "clean-skin" candidate.

7. When Kevin Rudd returned to the Prime Ministership in 2013, what position did Anthony Albanese receive?
  A.   Foreign Affairs Minister
  B.   Treasurer
  C.   Deputy Prime Minister
  D.   Defence Minister

8. Becoming Prime Minister in May 2022, how many world leaders did Anthony Albanese meet with in his first three weeks?
  A.   0
  B.   3
  C.   5
  D.   8

9. Which of the following priorities has Anthony Albanese made a centrepiece of his government's strategy?
  A.   reducing unemployment
  B.   climate change
  C.   more cordial relations with China
  D.   strengthening Australia's defence capabilities

10. Living in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Marrickville, by what nickname is Anthony Albanese best known?
  A.   The Marrickville Mauler
  B.   Tony, the Terror of the Tories
  C.   Affable Anthony
  D.   Albo®   

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