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Trivia Quiz - Elizabeth Monroe - Fifth First Lady

Elizabeth Monroe had the huge task of filling the very popular shoes of her predecessor, Dolley Madison. She went about her role in an individual manner that didn't always win admirers.

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Date Submitted: March 12, 2021
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Elizabeth Monroe  Fifth First Lady
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1. Born in 1768, what was Elizabeth Monroe's maiden name?
  A.   Timpson
  B.   Kortright
  C.   Wulliams
  D.   Adumsun

2. Elizabeth Monroe's father had what distinctive aspect to his past?
  A.   He was one of the founders of the New York Chamber of Commerce.
  B.   He had been a fur trapper in Canada.
  C.   He had fought with Washington in the Revolutionary War.
  D.   He served time in prison for bigamy.

3. How old was Elizabeth when she married James Monroe?
  A.   14
  B.   17
  C.   29
  D.   33

4. While in Paris during the French Revolution, accompanying her husband who was US ambassador, whose wife did Elizabeth Monroe help save from the guillotine?
  A.   Robespierre's
  B.   Napoleon's
  C.   Lafayette's
  D.   Dumas's

5. What important European event did Elizabeth Monroe witness?
  A.   Congress of Vienna
  B.   Funeral of George III
  C.   Battle of Trafalgar
  D.   The coronation of Emperor Napoleon

6. Elizabeth Monroe had no desire to be a public figure. Which of the following is not true of her?
  A.   She dressed in plain clothes and wore no make up.
  B.   She did not campaign for her husband.
  C.   She did not attend her husband's swearing-in ceremony.
  D.   She arranged to have all correspondence between her and husband destroyed.

7. What medical condition did Elizabeth Monroe suffer?
  A.   alopecia
  B.   Tourette's
  C.   epilepsy
  D.   blinding migraines

8. What White House "first" did Elizabeth Monroe achieve?
  A.   She redecorated in the style of the Versailles Palace.
  B.   Her daughter was the first child of a President to be married there.
  C.   She was the first White House occupant to have a child die.
  D.   She welcomed the first head of state to visit the White House.

9. To which latter day U S President was Elizabeth Monroe a blood relation?
  A.   Woodrow Wilson
  B.   Calvin Coolidge
  C.   Harry Truman
  D.   Franklin Roosevelt

10. Before she died in 1830, what unusual event occurred in 1827 that almost killed her?
  A.   She choked on a fish bone.
  B.   She was struck by lightning.
  C.   She collapsed into a fireplace.
  D.   She was knocked down by a runaway carriage.®   

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