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Trivia Quiz - African Capital Cities - Part 2

Test your knowledge of some easy and some difficult capital cities of African nations.

Quiz Number: 5837
Date Submitted: March 02, 2021
Quiz Categories: African Geography
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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African Capital Cities  Part 2

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1. With coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the northern nation of Morocco has what city as its capital?
  A.   Rabat
  B.   Marrakech
  C.   Casablanca
  D.   Fes

2. Angola has had a very troubled past but there are signs the situation is improving. What is its capital city?
  A.   Lubango
  B.   Luanda
  C.   Namibe
  D.   Lusaka

3. Mozambique is situated on on the south-east of the African continent and has what city as its capital?
  A.   Nacala
  B.   Beira
  C.   Maputo
  D.   Dodoma

4. Ghana is one of the smaller countries of Africa and has what city as its capital?
  A.   Tamale
  B.   Dambai
  C.   Kumasi
  D.   Accra

5. Madagascar is a large island in the Indian Ocean with a capital city called what?
  A.   Toamasina
  B.   Mahajanga
  C.   Antananarivo
  D.   St Denis

6. Situated on the Gulf of Guinea is the nation of Cameroon. Its capital city is?
  A.   Kanange
  B.   Juna
  C.   Zinda
  D.   Yaounde

7. Côte d'Ivoire, or better known in English as The Ivory Coast, and located to the east of Ghana, has what city as its capital?
  A.   Yamoussoukro
  B.   Ogbomaso
  C.   Timbuktu
  D.   Benghazi

8. Landlocked in the northern African region is Niger with what capital city?
  A.   Manama
  B.   Kassala
  C.   Niamey
  D.   Margeysa

9. On the southeast border of Niger, and also landlocked, is the nation of Burkina Faso formerly known as Upper Volta and has what capital city?
  A.   Abidjan
  B.   Tenkodogo
  C.   Kaya
  D.   Ouagadougou

10. Also landlocked in northwest Africa is the country of Mali with what capital city?
  A.   Sikasso
  B.   Bamako
  C.   Mopti
  D.   Kidal®   

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