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Trivia Quiz - Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia (c355 - 415) was the most brilliant mind of her time but met a gruesome end. "Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all." Test your knowledge of, or learn about this remarkable woman.

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Date Submitted: February 09, 2019
Quiz Categories: History, Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Hypatia of Alexandria

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1. Which family member began training Hypatia to be the most perfect human specimen?
  A.   father
  B.   mother
  C.   grandmother
  D.   uncle

2. What profession did Hypatia undertake in the city of Alexandria?
  A.   tutor to the children of the patriiarch of Alexandria
  B.   advocate in the courts of the city
  C.   librarian of the musuem
  D.   the first female doctor

3. Hypatia's great beauty and amazing mind prompted what description?
  A.   the wisdom of Athena and the beauty of Helen of Troy
  B.   the child of Cupid and Psyche
  C.   peerless in every way
  D.   the mind of Plato in the body of Aphrodite

4. Which of the following was not an achievement of Hypatia?
  A.   a thirteen volume study of Diophantus's Arithmetica
  B.   a scientific criticism of Ptolemy's major theories
  C.   a new version of Euclid's Elements
  D.   invention of the hydrometer

5. As a young lady, Hypatia broke the mould and travelled much of the ancient world, eventually landing in Athens and in the mathematical school founded by which famous mathematician?
  A.   Plutarch
  B.   Euclid
  C.   Pythagoras
  D.   Eratosthenes

6. In Alexandria, Hypatia became a teacher of philosophy with what ultimate goal for her students?
  A.   to question every thought, action and emotion
  B.   to master the eternal question of the meaning of life
  C.   to achieve a religious experience
  D.   that philosophical ideas would benefit all people

7. What was the marital status of Hypatia?
  A.   never married
  B.   widowed
  C.   twice married
  D.   in a relationship with another woman

8. Who was the patriarch of Alexandria whose influence led to the death of Hypatia?
  A.   Cecil
  B.   Caeleb
  C.   Canuto
  D.   Cyril

9. What accusation was used by a fanatical Christian group as justification to kill Hypatia?
  A.   She had twisted the minds of the city's youth.
  B.   She was a witch.
  C.   She had claimed god-like powers.
  D.   She had questioned the authority of the Bible.

10. Which 19th century English novelist wrote a fictionalized account of Hypatia's life?
  A.   Elizabeth von Arnim
  B.   Richard Burton
  C.   Mary Shelley
  D.   Charles Kingsley®   

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