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Trivia Quiz - Henry Lawson - The Bard from the Bush

Henry Lawson wrote from the heart of his experiences and insight with and into the Australian way of life. His personal life was beset with tragedy and self-imposed trials and tribulations.

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Date Submitted: June 24, 2018
Quiz Categories: Literature, Authors, Australian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Henry Lawson  The Bard from the Bush

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1. Henry Lawson was born in 1867 in what small New South Wales town?
  A.   Dubbo
  B.   Nundle
  C.   Grenfell
  D.   Gulgong

2. What affliction was visited upon a young Henry Lawson?
  A.   blindness
  B.   deafness
  C.   Parkinson's
  D.   Tourette's

3. In 1896 a collection of Henry Lawson's short stories was released under what title?
  A.   Tales Around the Campfire
  B.   On Our Selection
  C.   Drovers' Days
  D.   While the Billy Boils

4. Henry Lawson developed a intense relationship with which fellow writer?
  A.   Miles Franklin
  B.   Ethel Richardson (pen name Henry Handel Richardson)
  C.   Mary Gilmore
  D.   Ethel Turner

5. What addiction had a profound effect on Henry Lawson?
  A.   alcohol
  B.   gambling
  C.   opium
  D.   nicotine

6. Which of the following poems was not written by Henry Lawson?
  A.   The City Bushman
  B.   In Defence of the Bush
  C.   Freedom on the Wallaby
  D.   Andy's Gone With the Cattle

7. Early in the 20th century Henry Lawson performed what heroic deed?
  A.   He saved a child from a burning house.
  B.   He saved an aged woman who was being accosted by young hooligans.
  C.   Walked from Gulgong to Dubbo carrying his sick daughter.
  D.   Saved a woman who had attempted suicided in Sydney Harbour.

8. What was Henry Lawson's marital status?
  A.   a life-long bachelor
  B.   married but divorced
  C.   married three times
  D.   married five times

9. In 1901 Lawson published what comic short story about a dog causing havoc by carrying a bomb cartridge in its mouth?
  A.   The Carbine Canine
  B.   The Explosive Mongrel
  C.   Gold, Gunpowder and Greed
  D.   The Loaded Dog

10. Henry Lawson died September 2, 1922 and was given a state funeral. What was the cause of death?
  A.   cerebral haemorrhage
  B.   suicide
  C.   lost at sea
  D.   dementia®   

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