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Trivia Quiz - Gioachino Rossini - Masterful Italian Composer

Rossini (1792-1868) wrote some of the most memorable operatic music of the 19th Century. Test your knowledge of the composer who made opera going an enjoyable event.

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Date Submitted: June 04, 2018
Quiz Categories: History, Music, Italian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Gioachino Rossini  Masterful Italian Composer

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1. Rossini's parents were musical performers often on tour so he was raised by whom?
  A.   grandmother and aunt
  B.   grandfather
  C.   uncle
  D.   older siblings

2. Rossini burst on to the music scene at the age of 18 with his first opera which was?
  A.   The Accidental Son
  B.   Tancedi
  C.   The Marriage Contract
  D.   The Italian in Algiers

3. At the age of 23, Rossini produced his most famous work "The Barber of Seville" which received what reception?
  A.   It was hailed a masterpiece.
  B.   Little interest was shown.
  C.   laughter for all the wrong reasons
  D.   It was regarded as a disaster with cat-calls and talking dominant throughout.

4. Rossini wrote an opera based on which Shakespearean character?
  A.   Macbeth
  B.   Otello
  C.   Julius Caesar
  D.   King Lear

5. Such was his popularity, Rossini became "Composer to His Majesty" of what nation in 1824?
  A.   Britain
  B.   France
  C.   Spain
  D.   Sweden

6. Which historical figure was hero of one of Rossini's greatest operas?
  A.   Robyn Hood
  B.   William Wallace
  C.   Moses
  D.   William Tell

7. Rossini was married to which opera singer?
  A.   Maria Malibran
  B.   Rosina Penco
  C.   Josepha Weber
  D.   Isabella Colbran

8. Rossini's breadth of composition was such that he once boasted, "Give me a _______________ _______________ and I will set it to music." What was he describing?
  A.   shipping register
  B.   bus ticket
  C.   laundry list
  D.   newspaper headline

9. Which of the following was not typical of Rossini?
  A.   cheerful and amusing
  B.   hypochondriac
  C.   insomniac
  D.   jealous of other composers

10. Rossini died in 1868 aged 78. His body was buried in what two locations?
  A.   Paris and Florence
  B.   London and Milan
  C.   Madrid and Turin
  D.   Vienna and Rome®   

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