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Trivia Quiz - World War II - 1941

Ten questions on some terrible events of 1941, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union and Japan attacked Pearl Harbor thus bringing the US into the war.

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Date Submitted: January 23, 2018
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World War II  1941

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1. In the first half of 1941 world attention was directed towards Africa. Where was Italy defeated in February of that year?
  A.   Egypt
  B.   Libya
  C.   Morroco
  D.   Algeria

2. What occurred in March, 1941 that gave the Allies hope their war could continue?
  A.   The U S Congress agreed to supply Britain with arms.
  B.   A squadron of US fighter planes was stationed in England.
  C.   The U S enacted the Lend Lease agreement.
  D.   Hitler decided to end his non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union.

3. Which of the following did not occur in April, 1941?
  A.   Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany.
  B.   Rommel's army takes Benghazi.
  C.   Greece surrenders to Germany.
  D.   Germany invades the Soviet Union.

4. In May, where did Germany stage one of its few successful air-borne invasions?
  A.   Crete
  B.   Finland
  C.   Cyprus
  D.   Romania

5. In April, 1941 Rommel's forces met with fierce resistance in what North African town?
  A.   Derna
  B.   Ed Duda
  C.   Tobruk
  D.   Agedabia

6. In May, 1941 which top-ranking German official parachuted into Scotland in an attempt to broker peace with Britain?
  A.   Albert Speer
  B.   Martin Borman
  C.   Alfred Jodl
  D.   Rudolf Hess

7. The early success Germany enjoyed following its invasion of the Soviet Union saw many Soviet soldiers taken prisoner. It is estimated how many of these soldiers died in the first six months?
  A.   500,000
  B.   1,000,000
  C.   1,500,000
  D.   2,000,000

8. In May, 1941 what German ship was targeted and sunk by the British Navy?
  A.   Hindenburg
  B.   Admiral Scheer
  C.   Bismarck
  D.   Tirpitz

9. As part of its invasion strategy of the Soviet Union, Germany laid siege to Leningrad. The freezing of what nearby body of water provided the Soviets with a tenuous link of desperately needed supplies?
  A.   Lake Ladoga
  B.   White Sea
  C.   Gulf of Finland
  D.   Lake Beloye

10. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was a superficial success as it failed to target important strategic elements. Which of the following important resources at Pearl Harbor was substantially damaged?
  A.   naval repair yards
  B.   submarine base
  C.   aircraft carriers
  D.   naval air planes®   

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