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Trivia Quiz - Henry V - "Once more unto the breach dear friends"

Shakespeare's tribute to Henry V and his men has inspired many with its rhetoric and daring deeds. Test your knowledge of Henry V.

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Date Submitted: July 02, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Henry V  Once more unto the breach dear friends

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1. What sort of character was Henry V before he became king?
  A.   bookish and reserved
  B.   wild
  C.   destined for a monastery
  D.   weak and easily influenced

2. After Henry asserts his claim for the French throne, what mocking gift does he receive from the French ambassador?
  A.   tennis balls
  B.   a French lily
  C.   a snail
  D.   a wooden crown

3. Who dies off-stage of a broken heart because Henry rejects him?
  A.   Rosencrantz
  B.   Falstaff
  C.   Guildenstern
  D.   Andrew Ague Cheek

4. Who is the English ambassador and earl who warns the French not to resist Henry?
  A.   Sussex
  B.   Gloucester
  C.   Worcester
  D.   Exeter

5. What French town does Henry first lay siege to, prompting his cry "Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more"?
  A.   Le Havre
  B.   Calais
  C.   Harfleur
  D.   Normandy

6. Who is the drinking friend of Henry's who is hanged on Henry's orders for looting a church while in France?
  A.   Pistol
  B.   Toby Belch
  C.   Glenowen
  D.   Bardolph

7. On what feast day does the Battle of Agincourt take place?
  A.   St George's Day
  B.   St Crispin's Day
  C.   St Swithin's Day
  D.   St Michael's Day

8. Exhorting his troops before the Battle of Agincourt, Henry tells his men to "Cry, God for.....?
  A.   England, Harry and St George
  B.   Harry, England and St George
  C.   England, St George and Harry
  D.   St George, England and Harry

9. Which of the following is not true of Shakespeare's version of the Battle of Agincourt?
  A.   The French killed English boys who were not part of the battle.
  B.   Henry ordered the French prisoners to be killed.
  C.   Only three English lords were killed in the battle.
  D.   The English turned tail only to be turned by Henry's rousing oratory.

10. Who is the French princess Henry woos and eventually wins to be his queen?
  A.   Elizabeth
  B.   Camille
  C.   Brigitte
  D.   Catherine®   

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