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Trivia Quiz - The Merchant of Venice - "If you prick us, do we not bleed?"

Intended to be a comedy, The Merchant of Venice has many sombre and thoughtful moments. Test your knowledge of the goings on among Portia, Shylock and many others of the Venetian ruling class.

Quiz Number: 5690
Date Submitted: June 26, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Merchant of Venice  If you prick us do we not bleed

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1. Who is the merchant of Venice?
  A.   Bassanio
  B.   Antonio
  C.   Shylock
  D.   Lorenzo

2. Shylock lends money to Bassanio to enable Bassanio to...?
  A.   woo his love, Portia
  B.   buy a gondola to sail on the canals of Venice
  C.   study at the University of Padua to become a doctor
  D.   travel to Spain to see his love, Portia

3. Jessica, the daughter of Shylock is in love with whom?
  A.   Lancelot
  B.   Tubal
  C.   Leonardo
  D.   Lorenzo

4. Shylock lends money to Bassanio on the grounds Antonio will be the guarantor. What bond does Shylock demand if the loan is not repaid?
  A.   Antonio's right hand
  B.   Antonio's widowed mother in marriage
  C.   Antonio's left ear
  D.   A pound of Antonio's flesh

5. Who of the following is not a suitor of Portia?
  A.   Prince of Aragon
  B.   Gobbo
  C.   Prince of Morocco
  D.   Bassanio

6. Portia's father left a will stating the man who could marry her would be the one who chose the right casket made from what metal?
  A.   silver
  B.   gold
  C.   lead
  D.   brass

7. What fate befalls Antonio that enables Shylock to call in his loan?
  A.   It is reported his ships have sunk.
  B.   The failure of his crops
  C.   His wife leaves him, taking all his money.
  D.   The collapse of the Venetian Stock Exchange

8. In an attempt to save Antonio, Portia disguises herself as a lawyer named who?
  A.   Stefano
  B.   Balthasar
  C.   Graziano
  D.   Solanio

9. Shylock refuses to extract his pound of flesh from Antonio as he cannot do this without spilling blood. Which of the following penalties was not imposed on him?
  A.   He must never again lend money.
  B.   He must convert to Christianity.
  C.   He must bequeath his estate to Jessica.
  D.   He must forfeit half his estate to Antonio and half to the state.

10. Which of the following pairings have not married by the end of The Merchant of Venice?
  A.   Nerissa and Gratiano
  B.   Portia and Bassanio
  C.   Antonio and Portia
  D.   Jessica and Lorenzo®   

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