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Trivia Quiz - King Lear - A family at war

The disintegration of Lear and his family is one of Shakespeare's finest plays. Test your knowledge of this familial battle of wills and insanity set in England 800 B C.

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Date Submitted: June 24, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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King Lear  A family at war

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1. When Lear decides to divide his kingdom amongst his daughters which daughter refuses to flatter him?
  A.   Goneril
  B.   Cressida
  C.   Regan
  D.   Cordelia

2. To which country does the banished daughter of Lear go?
  A.   France
  B.   Scotland
  C.   Ireland
  D.   Spain

3. What happens between Lear and his remaining daughters?
  A.   He takes back his throne.
  B.   He quarrels with both and becomes homeless.
  C.   He asks a witch to hex his daughters.
  D.   He tries to play one against the other

4. Who tricks the Earl of Gloucester into thinking his son Edgar wants to kill him?
  A.   the fool
  B.   Lear
  C.   Edmond
  D.   Oswald

5. What curse does Lear wish upon his daughter Goneril?
  A.   barrenness
  B.   death
  C.   insanity
  D.   poverty

6. Following a confrontation with both daughters Lear rushes into a thunderstorm and befriends who?
  A.   Poor Bob
  B.   Poor Tom
  C.   Poor Sol
  D.   Poor Rowley

7. What fate befalls the Earl of Gloucester at the hands of Regan's husband Cornwall?
  A.   castration
  B.   eyes plucked out
  C.   right hand amputated
  D.   tarring and feathering

8. Who fatally wounds Edmond in a one-on-one combat?
  A.   Oswald
  B.   Gloucester
  C.   Cornwall
  D.   Edgar

9. Which of the following occurs in the climax of King Lear?
  A.   Cordelia poisons Regan and then stabs herself.
  B.   Regan poisons Goneril and then stabs herself.
  C.   Goneril poisons Regan and then stabs herself.
  D.   Goneril poisons Cordelia and the stabs herself.

10. Following the deaths of his three daughters, how does Lear die?
  A.   He jumps from a cliff.
  B.   Of a broken heart
  C.   suicide by poison
  D.   He is killed by Regan's forces®   

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