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Trivia Quiz - Othello - Jealousy unchained

Ten questions on the tragedy of Othello and Desdemona, orchestrated by the sinister Iago who awoke in Othello "the green-eyed monster".

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Date Submitted: June 21, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Othello  Jealousy unchained

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1. In what Italian town is Othello set?
  A.   Milan
  B.   Florence
  C.   Verona
  D.   Venice

2. Following his trial and acquittal over eloping with Desdemona, Othello leads the army against the forces of what country?
  A.   Turkey
  B.   Persia
  C.   Greece
  D.   India

3. Who is persuaded by Iago to challenge Cassio to a fight?
  A.   Lodovico
  B.   Roderigo
  C.   Othello
  D.   a clown

4. How does Iago come into possession of the handkerchief given to Desdemona by Othello?
  A.   Desdemona accidentally drops it.
  B.   He steals it from Desdemona while she was asleep.
  C.   He asks his wife, Emilia, to steal it.
  D.   He buys a duplicate to implicate Cassio.

5. To what does Othello compare Desdemona's genitals?
  A.   sweeter than any bee's hive
  B.   that which steals sanity
  C.   more inviting than heaven
  D.   the gates of hell

6. Iago stages a bawdy conversation with Cassio about a woman, designed to dupe Othello into thinking they were talking about Desdemona. What was the woman's name?
  A.   Bianca
  B.   Olivia
  C.   Helena
  D.   Ophelia

7. On the urging of Iago, who fights Cassio but is fatally wounded?
  A.   Montano
  B.   Roderigo
  C.   Othello
  D.   Graziano

8. In the final act of the play, why does Othello wake Desdemona?
  A.   He mistakes the hearth fire for the sun.
  B.   He begs for forgiveness.
  C.   He asks her to pray for forgiveness.
  D.   He is dreaming and unaware of what he is doing.

9. Before killing himself, how does Othello dispatch Desdemona?
  A.   He strangles her with the incriminating handerchief.
  B.   He stabs her
  C.   He poisons her with doctored wine.
  D.   He smothers her with a pillow.

10. What is the fate of the insidious Iago?
  A.   He loses his mind.
  B.   He kills his wife, Emilia and is arrested.
  C.   He is stabbed by Cassio
  D.   He becomes leader of the army, replacing Othello.®   

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