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Trivia Quiz - Hamlet - The Prince of Melancholy

Hamlet is the most famous of Shakespeare's plays. Test your knowledge of this play beloved by people everywhere.

Quiz Number: 5682
Date Submitted: June 10, 2017
Quiz Categories: Literature, Shakespeare
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Hamlet  The Prince of Melancholy

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1. In what Scandinavian country is Hamlet set?
  A.   Norway
  B.   Sweden
  C.   Finland
  D.   Denmark

2. What relation was King Claudius to the king he killed?
  A.   brother
  B.   uncle
  C.   son-in-law
  D.   cousin

3. What was Hamlet's father's name?
  A.   Hamnet
  B.   Hamlet
  C.   Elsinore
  D.   Corio

4. Which of the following lines does not come from Hamlet's famous soliloquy that begins "To be or not to be.."?
  A.   The insolence of office
  B.   Thus conscience does makes cowards of us all
  C.   Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage
  D.   The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

5. What is the name of Hamlet's love interest?
  A.   Odelia
  B.   Ophelia
  C.   Olivia
  D.   Ophira

6. Why did Claudius send Hamlet to England?
  A.   To remove him from the intrigue of court
  B.   To give him experience commanding a ship
  C.   To discuss the possible invasion of France
  D.   To have him killed

7. Which character, hiding behind a set of curtains, does Hamlet stab to death?
  A.   Polonius
  B.   Yorrick
  C.   Fortinbras
  D.   Horatio

8. Why does Laertes hate Hamlet?
  A.   Laertes has been fed lies by Claudius.
  B.   Laertes was revealed to be the rightful heir to the throne.
  C.   Hamlet had spoken against Laertes' promotion in the army.
  D.   Laertes believed Hamlet had killed his father and caused the death of his sister.

9. How does Hamlet kill Claudius?
  A.   In a duel
  B.   Strangles him in bed while he was asleep
  C.   Stabbing and poison
  D.   Poison alone

10. What is the total body count in Hamlet?
  A.   4
  B.   5
  C.   7
  D.   9®   

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