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Trivia Quiz - Mike Pence - U.S. Vice President

Mike Pence has been called the Yin to Donald Trump's Yang. Take ten questions on this man who was unknown to the majority of Americans until he was selected as Donald Trump's running mate and is now Vice President.

Quiz Number: 5654
Date Submitted: February 25, 2017
Quiz Categories: History, American History, American Vice Presidents
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Mike Pence  U.S. Vice President

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1. Before becoming U S Vice President, Mike Pence was the governor of what state?
  A.   Idaho
  B.   Illinois
  C.   Indiana
  D.   Iowa

2. Which Republican politician's views changed the views of the then Democrat-voting Mike Pence?
  A.   Richard Nixon
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   George Bush
  D.   George W Bush

3. In what branch of the media did Mike Pence establish his conservative credentials?
  A.   T V reporter
  B.   newspaper journalist
  C.   website commentiator
  D.   talkback radio host

4. In the 2016 Presidential campaign, who did Mike Pence endorse before being selected as Donald Trump's running mate?
  A.   Ted Cruz
  B.   Marco Rubio
  C.   Ben Carson
  D.   Jeb Bush

5. Religion plays a big part of Mike Pence's life. What religion is he?
  A.   Baptist
  B.   Catholic
  C.   Born-again Christian
  D.   Presbyterian

6. Which of the following groups has Mike Pence not sparked into action as the result of his rulings as Governor of his state?
  A.   coal companies
  B.   pro-abortion
  C.   supporters of public schools
  D.   LGBT rights

7. What name does Mike Pence use when talking to his wife, Karen?
  A.   Pencey poo
  B.   Mother
  C.   Babs
  D.   Kaz

8. At the 2016 GOP Convention, Mike Pence said he was a.....?
  A.   Conservative, Christian and Republican in that order
  B.   Republican, Christian and conservative in that order
  C.   Christian, Republican and conservative in that order
  D.   Christian, conservative and Republican in that order

9. Which company wanted to relocate jobs to Mexico from the home state of Mike Pence?
  A.   Carrier
  B.   Chrysler
  C.   Toyota
  D.   A T & T

10. What number Vice-President is Mike Pence?
  A.   45
  B.   46
  C.   47
  D.   48®   

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