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Trivia Quiz - Unreliable Predictions

We've all been wrong at some time but the following statements were proved massively wrong. Try your luck with ten questions about people whose crystal balls were obviously not working.

Quiz Number: 5647
Date Submitted: December 24, 2016
Quiz Categories: History, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Unreliable Predictions

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1. Which famous scientist said, "X-rays will prove to be a hoax"?
  A.   Michael Faraday
  B.   Louis Pasteur
  C.   Lord Kelvin
  D.   Marie Curie

2. Which U S President stated, "Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote. The relative positions to be assumed by men and women in the working out of our civilization were assigned long ago by a higher intelligence"?
  A.   Grover Cleveland
  B.   Woodrow Wilson
  C.   Theodore Roosevelt
  D.   Chester A. Arthur

3. What position did Newton D. Baker hold when he declared, "To throw bombs from an airplane will do as much damage as throwing bags of flour. It will be my pleasure to stand on the bridge of any ship while it is attacked by airplanes." ?
  A.   General in the U S Army
  B.   Secretary of War
  C.   Admiral in the U S Navy
  D.   Vice President of the U S A

4. Which Hollywood figure stated, "Moving pictures need sound as much as Beethoven symphonies need lyrics"?
  A.   Samuel Goldwyn
  B.   Clara Bow
  C.   Charlie Chaplin
  D.   Fatty Arbuckle

5. Which scientist affirmed, "There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will"?
  A.   Albert Einstein
  B.   Neils Bohr
  C.   Robert Oppenheimer
  D.   Richard Feynmann

6. Professor Erasmus Wilson said in 1878, "When the Paris Exhibition closes, XXXXXXXX will close with it and no more will be heard of it". What invention was he referring to?
  A.   telegraph
  B.   telephone
  C.   electric light
  D.   wireless

7. To which opera was Joseph II of the Holy Roman Empire referring when he opined, "Far too noisy, my dear Mozart. Far too many notes!"?
  A.   The Magic Flute
  B.   Don Giovanni
  C.   Cosi fan Tutte
  D.   The Marriage of Figaro

8. A representative from what communications company was quoted as saying, "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication."?
  A.   Reuters
  B.   Western Union
  C.   A T & T
  D.   Verizon

9. Who was quoted as declaring, "The French people are incapable of regicide"?
  A.   Louis XVI
  B.   Marie Antoinette
  C.   Robespierre
  D.   George III

10. In 1980 when asked to predict how many cell phones would be in use by 2000, international consultants McKinsey & Co nominated how many?
  A.   2,000
  B.   900,000
  C.   10,000,000
  D.   100,000,000®   

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