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Trivia Quiz - The Great Wall of China

It is the greatest construction project undertaken in terms of time, distance and human input. Take ten questions on this marvel of human endurance.

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Date Submitted: September 24, 2016
Quiz Categories: History, Chinese History
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Author: grant228
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The Great Wall of China

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1. Approximately how long ago did construction of the Great Wall of China commence?
  A.   2,700 years
  B.   2,200 years
  C.   1,400 years
  D.   1,000 years

2. Who was the emperor who began the building of the Great Wall of China?
  A.   Qin
  B.   Zhu
  C.   Kublai Khan
  D.   Ming

3. Approximately how long is the Great Wall of China?
  A.   8,450 miles
  B.   10,230 miles
  C.   13,100 miles
  D.   18,120 miles

4. The Great Wall of China has been seen symbolically as what creature?
  A.   serpent
  B.   dragon
  C.   bear
  D.   tiger

5. Approximately how many watchtowers are there in the Great Wall of China?
  A.   10,000
  B.   15,000
  C.   25,000
  D.   35,000

6. According to legend a Chinese woman named Meng Jiangnu had what effect on the Great Wall?
  A.   No women were allowed to work on the wall.
  B.   She caused a section to collapse.
  C.   She created the design used on most sections of the wall still standing
  D.   She proposed building it after her husband was killed by invaders.

7. What happened to the bodies of most of the estimated 400,000 Chinese who died constructing the wall?
  A.   Their ashes were mixed to make the mortar for the bricks.
  B.   They were buried at least 100 feet from the wall.
  C.   They provided a food source for the other workers.
  D.   They were interred in the wall.

8. Which US President, when visiting China, said of the the Great Wall, "It was great!"?
  A.   Bill Clinton
  B.   Richard Nixon
  C.   George H. Bush
  D.   Ronald Reagan

9. Which of the following will you not find on the Great Wall of China?
  A.   shops
  B.   restaurants
  C.   toilets
  D.   all the above

10. How much of the Great Wall of China remains in good condition?
  A.   10%
  B.   30%
  C.   50%
  D.   70%®   

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