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Trivia Quiz - Edmund Hillary - Conqueror of Everest

With Tensing Norgay he was the first to reach the summit of the world's highest peak. He also did much more to benefit his fellow man. Take ten questions on this inspirational man.

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Date Submitted: April 09, 2016
Quiz Categories: History, Amazing "Firsts" in History!
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Edmund P Hillary

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Edmund Hillary  Conqueror of Everest
(Image Source: Edmund Hillary @ Wikipedia)

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1. Edmund Hillary was born in what country in 1919?
  A.   Australia
  B.   England
  C.   New Zealand
  D.   Canada

2. How tall was Edmund Hillary?
  A.   5' 5"
  B.   6' 0"
  C.   6' 5"
  D.   6' 10"

3. What seasonal occupation did Edmund Hillary pursue that enabled him to apply himself to winter climbing?
  A.   surf lifeguard
  B.   beekeeper
  C.   greenkeeper
  D.   tour guide

4. In what year did Edmund Hillary scale Mt Everest?
  A.   1946
  B.   1953
  C.   1959
  D.   1962

5. What was Edmund Hillary's response upon reaching the summit of Mt Everest?
  A.   We knocked the bastard off!
  B.   Thank Christ that's over!
  C.   I need a rest!
  D.   Now we have to get down off this bugger!

6. In what other type of exploration did Edmund Hillary engage?
  A.   desert
  B.   river
  C.   polar
  D.   ocean

7. Which of the following honors was not given Edmund Hillary?
  A.   A knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II
  B.   A Nobel Peace prize
  C.   He was voted his country's most trusted person.
  D.   The only living person to be depicted on one of his nation's bank notes.

8. What tragedy befell Edmund Hillary in 1975?
  A.   His only son, Peter was killed in a climbing accident.
  B.   He suffered a stroke.
  C.   He was diagnosed with cancer.
  D.   His wife and a daughter were killed in a plane crash

9. In what country did Edmund Hillary coordinate the building of many hospitals and schools?
  A.   Nepal
  B.   Bhutan
  C.   Tibet
  D.   India

10. Edmund Hillary's coat of arms has what piece of climbing equipment as part it?
  A.   crampon
  B.   rope
  C.   ice axe
  D.   karabiner®   

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