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Trivia Quiz - Bette Midler - Dazzling Diva

She's dazzled audiences on stage, film and as one of the world's great singers. Test your knowledge of this versatile entertainer.

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Date Submitted: February 12, 2016
Quiz Categories: Music, Movies
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Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Bette Midler

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Bette Midler  Dazzling Diva
(Image Source: Bette Midler)

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1. Bette Midler was born December 1, 1945 in what U S extremity?
  A.   Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  B.   Alaska
  C.   U S Samoa
  D.   Hawaii

2. Bette Midler's debut album in 1972 had what self-deprecating title?
  A.   The Sublime Miss M
  B.   The Dazzling Miss M
  C.   The Stupendous Miss M
  D.   The Divine Miss M

3. What has been Bette Midler's biggest selling single?
  A.   Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  B.   From a Distance
  C.   Wind Beneath My Wings
  D.   Under the Boardwalk

4. For what film did Bette Midler win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress?
  A.   Beaches
  B.   The Rose
  C.   Outrageous Fortune
  D.   The Stepford Wives

5. In what cartoon series did Bette Midler appear as herself?
  A.   The Simpsons
  B.   The Fall Guy
  C.   Beavis and Butt-head
  D.   South Park

6. Bette Midler has long been an advocate of gay rights, producing what album in the 1990s with what supportive title?
  A.   Jacuzzi Princess
  B.   Bette,The Boys' Best Friend
  C.   Bathhouse Betty
  D.   Bette and her Boys

7. Bette Midler's height usually surprises those who meet her for the first time. How tall is she?
  A.   4' 9"
  B.   5' 1"
  C.   5' 9"
  D.   5' 11"

8. In what movie did Bette Midler make an untitled cameo appearance?
  A.   Isn't that Great
  B.   That Old Feeling
  C.   The Hawaiians
  D.   What Women Want

9. Who is Bette Midler's daughter and has followed her mother into the movie business?
  A.   Alexa PenaVega
  B.   Sophie Van Haselberg
  C.   Shannah Laumeister
  D.   Stacey Dash

10. Bette Midler has a strong social conscience and has been active in which two areas?
  A.   animal rights and cerebral palsy fund raising
  B.   homeless children and assistance to the blind
  C.   highway care and urban renewal
  D.   ending the ivory trade and trade in tiger parts®   

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