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Trivia Quiz - Samuel Morse - Inventor of the Telegraph

His invention of the telegraph is well known but the path leading to this discovery is not as familiar. Take ten questions on Samuel Morse whose life was far from dull.

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Date Submitted: September 28, 2015
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Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Samuel F Morse

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Samuel Morse  Inventor of the Telegraph
(Image Source: Samuel Morse public domain photo)

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1. For what was Samuel Morse well known before his invention of the electric telegraph?
  A.   music composer
  B.   artist
  C.   sculptor
  D.   novelist

2. Which college did Samuel Morse attend, graduating in 1810?
  A.   Yale
  B.   Harvard
  C.   Princeton
  D.   Brown

3. From 1825 to 1828 what tragedy befell Samuel Morse?
  A.   He lost all his money on bad investments.
  B.   His two sons died in separate accidents.
  C.   The death of his wife, father and mother
  D.   He acquired epilepsy and tinnitus

4. Where was Samuel Morse when he realized messages might be transmitted by electricity?
  A.   On a cruise ship
  B.   On a train crossing America
  C.   Sheltering in a cave during a lightning storm
  D.   In his local church praying

5. Which of the following issues was not one encountered by Morse in the development of his system?
  A.   the amount of wire needed
  B.   the need for two wires - one to carry the message and the other to complete the circuit
  C.   the amount of power needed to overcome residual resistance
  D.   training required for operators

6. What invention of Samuel Morse's saw his communication system overcome his many rivals?
  A.   electromagnetic motor
  B.   electromagnetic relay
  C.   solenoid
  D.   alternator

7. Morse sent his first official message on May 24, 1844 from Washington to Baltimore. What were the words of the message?
  A.   Thanks be to God.
  B.   I will sing the mercies of the Lord forever.
  C.   Behold, I am the Lord.
  D.   What God has wrought

8. Which of the following countries did not issue Samuel Morse with official honors?
  A.   Portugal
  B.   USA
  C.   Turkey
  D.   Italy

9. Which description best fits Samuel Morse's approach to his work?
  A.   He worked with others and used his connections
  B.   A one-man band
  C.   A secretive borrower of the ideas of others
  D.   Telegraphy was a gadget destined never to be popular

10. Of which of the following was Samuel Morse not a supporter?
  A.   A return of the USA to British rule
  B.   Anti-Catholic
  C.   Anti-Immigration
  D.   Pro-slavery®   

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