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Trivia Quiz - Goodbye, Mr Chips!

The 1939 version of the story of an English school teacher is a classic from that classic film-making year of 1939. Take ten questions on Mr Chipping and his boys.

Quiz Number: 5516
Date Submitted: June 26, 2015
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Goodbye Mr Chips

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1. He was called Chips but what was Mr Chipping's first name?
  A.   Edward
  B.   Rupert
  C.   Charles
  D.   Henry

2. What was the name of the school at which Mr Chips taught?
  A.   Caulfield
  B.   Brookfield
  C.   Gladstone
  D.   Flemington

3. What subject did Mr Chips teach?
  A.   English
  B.   Mathematics
  C.   History
  D.   Latin

4. What family followed Chips from his start to his end at his school?
  A.   Boothby
  B.   Erskine
  C.   Colley
  D.   Featherstone

5. In what country did Chips meet his future wife?
  A.   Austria
  B.   Switzerland
  C.   Germany
  D.   France

6. Chips fell in love with and married this lovely lady with what name?
  A.   Lilly
  B.   Kathy
  C.   Millie
  D.   Lucy

7. On what day did Chips' wife die giving birth to their child who also died?
  A.   Christmas Day
  B.   Good Friday
  C.   New Year's Day
  D.   April Fool's Day

8. In 1909 Chips had a falling out with the headmaster over the pronunciation of which ancient's name?
  A.   Cassius
  B.   Caesar
  C.   Cicero
  D.   Claudius

9. Who was the German master from the school who died fighting for the German army during World War I?
  A.   Karl Bormann
  B.   Franz Fleischer
  C.   Max Staefel
  D.   Fritz Stenkel

10. How old was Chips when died?
  A.   78
  B.   88
  C.   92
  D.   98®   

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