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Trivia Quiz - Frank Capra - Brilliant Movie Director

Frank Capra directed many films that have become deserved classics around the world, depicting the best of the American way of life. Take ten questions on this remarkable director who knew what the average American wanted to watch.

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Date Submitted: January 30, 2015
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Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Frank Capra

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Frank Capra  Brilliant Movie Director
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1. Where was Frank Capra born in 1897?
  A.   Italy
  B.   U S A
  C.   Greece
  D.   Russia

2. With which film studio did Frank Capra begin working?
  A.   R K O
  B.   Republic Productions
  C.   M G M
  D.   Columbia

3. Frank Capra won three Oscars for Best Director. For which of the following films did he not win the best director award?
  A.   Mr Smith Goes To Washington
  B.   It Happened One Night
  C.   Mr Deeds Goes To Town
  D.   You Can't Take It With You

4. Which of Frank Capra's movie was the first to win the Academy Award's "Big Five"?
  A.   Mr Smith Goes To Washington
  B.   It Happened One Night
  C.   Mr Deeds Goes To Town
  D.   You Can't Take It With You

5. Which Oscars presenter inadvertently embarrassed Frank Capra at the 1933 ceremony?
  A.   Clark Gable
  B.   Myrna Loy
  C.   Clara Bow
  D.   Will Rogers

6. During World War II Frank Capra made a series of films for the War Department with what title?
  A.   America Calling
  B.   Why We Fight
  C.   Sons and Daughters of Liberty
  D.   In It To Win It!

7. Frank Capra was one of the first directors to give substantial roles to strong and independent women. Which of the folowing stars did he not direct?
  A.   Katharine Hepburn
  B.   Jean Arthur
  C.   Barbara Stanwyck
  D.   Rosalind Russell

8. Which U S President did Frank Capra campaign against?
  A.   Franklin Roosevelt
  B.   Herbert Hoover
  C.   Harry Truman
  D.   Dwight Eisenhower

9. What was Frank Capra's opinion of later movies produced in Hollywood?
  A.   He thought they were reflective of a changing America.
  B.   He admired the freedom movie makers had.
  C.   He hated the permissive approach to many social issues.
  D.   He wished he had similar technology when he was in his prime.

10. What was the title of Frank Capra's autobiography published in 1971
  A.   Frank Capra - The Man Behind the Lens
  B.   Lights, Capra, Action -My Story
  C.   Above Capracorn - The Life of Frank Capra
  D.   Frank Capra - The Name Above the Title®   

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