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Trivia Quiz - Louis Pasteur - The Father of Microbiology

Louis Pasteur's discoveries saved the lives of many and changed thinking that had affected many industries.

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Date Submitted: January 07, 2015
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Quiz is about: Louis Pasteur

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Louis Pasteur  The Father of Microbiology

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1. It is thought Pasteur's interest in germ theory was prompted by what tragedy?
  A.   The high death rate in the Franco-Prussian War
  B.   The death of his father to smallpox
  C.   The deaths of three of his children to typhoid
  D.   His interest in the Black Death and the effect it had on Europe

2. What was the first animal Louis Pastuer used in his vaccine experiments?
  A.   chicken
  B.   dog
  C.   rat
  D.   pig

3. Pasteur showed many substances could be affected by microbes. What did he call his hypothesis?
  A.   Microbe reproduction
  B.   Bacteria theory
  C.   Virus activity
  D.   Germ theory

4. Of which of the following did Pasteur not use his theory to improve the production?
  A.   milk
  B.   coffee
  C.   wine
  D.   beer

5. What highly profitable French industry did Pasteur save using his techniques?
  A.   leather tanning
  B.   cheese
  C.   silk
  D.   cured meat

6. For what dreaded disease did Louis Pasteur discover a cure?
  A.   smallpox
  B.   diphtheria
  C.   infantile paralysis
  D.   rabies

7. For what animal-related disease did Pasteur also find a cure?
  A.   anthrax
  B.   foot and mouth
  C.   brucellosis
  D.   distemper

8. What is the process called, still used today, that adopts the principles of Pasteur's microbial reproduction?
  A.   distillation
  B.   fermentation
  C.   pasteurization
  D.   pasteuring

9. Louis Pasteur died in 1895 but from 1868 did the majority of his work suffering from what ill-effects?
  A.   Parkinson's disease
  B.   stroke
  C.   Huntingdon's disease
  D.   diabetes

10. Which global organization awards the Pasteur Medal to recognise outstanding work done to improve human health?
  A.   World Health Organization
  C.   Nobel Foundation
  D.   Medecins Sans Frontieres®   

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