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Trivia Quiz - Leave it to Beaver: Ward Cleaver: Part 4

How well do you know Ward Cleaver? We got "Leave it to Beaver" trivia and "Leave it to Beaver" facts!

Quiz Number: 5299
Date Submitted: March 21, 2014
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Leave it to Beaver
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 63.4 percent
Times Taken: 59 times
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Leave it to Beaver Ward Cleaver Part 4
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1. How did Ward like his eggs cooked?
  A.   scrambled
  B.   fried
  C.   hard-boiled
  D.   soft-boiled

2. Ward served during World War 2 in the:
  A.   Green Berets
  B.   Seabees
  C.   Seals
  D.   Pararescuers

3. What did Ward do with his and June's marriage license?
  A.   He put it in his old trunk of keepsakes.
  B.   He got it soaked when he fell out of a boat with it in his pocket.
  C.   He put it in a book he loaned to the Rutherfords.
  D.   He framed it and hung it in his den.

4. What was one of Ward's majors in college?
  A.   psychology
  B.   biology
  C.   philosophy
  D.   English

5. The mayor asked Ward to:
  A.   contribute to his campaign
  B.   give a speech at the opening of a new office building
  C.   run for office.
  D.   serve on a committee for a new youth center.

6. Ward said that being in a room with Aunt Martha made him feel like:
  A.   apologizing
  B.   a little kid
  C.   going somewhere else
  D.   throwing up

7. Ward had this for awhile when he was in the military:
  A.   a beard
  B.   a fake tattoo
  C.   long hair
  D.   a moustache

8. To what fraternity did Ward belong?
  A.   Alpha Kappa
  B.   Delta Chi
  C.   Kappa Alpha Psi
  D.   Zeta Psi

9. While he was in the military, Ward got into a fight over:
  A.   a card game
  B.   a girl
  C.   a picture of Lana Turner
  D.   who would have guard duty that night

10. What was Ward's favorite leisure activity?
  A.   golf
  B.   fixing up old cars
  C.   poker
  D.   tennis®   

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