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Trivia Quiz - Leave it to Beaver: Beaver's Bio Part 6

How well do you know the life of Beaver Cleaver? We got "Leave it to Beaver" trivia and "Leave it to Beaver" facts!

Quiz Number: 5288
Date Submitted: March 18, 2014
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Leave it to Beaver
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Leave it to Beaver Beavers Bio Part 6
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1. In "Beaver's Poster", Beaver won a ribbon for his poster of:
  A.   The Civil War
  B.   Custer's Last Stand
  C.   George Washington
  D.   Paul Revere

2. In "Beaver's Fear", Beaver asked Gus' advice about:
  A.   asking a girl to the movies
  B.   finding a summer job
  C.   getting his driver's license
  D.   riding a roller coaster

3. In "The Younger Brother", Beaver tried out for ________ and didn't make the team.
  A.   basketball
  B.   swimming
  C.   track
  D.   wrestling

4. What was Beaver's first word?
  A.   ball
  B.   Daddy
  C.   dog
  D.   Mama

5. Beaver got chosen to be on what TV show?
  A.   Teen Talk
  B.   Teen Age Forum
  C.   Tell It To Ella
  D.   Teen Brainstorm

6. What was Beaver's favorite activity in the 8th grade?
  A.   baseball
  B.   dancing
  C.   fishing
  D.   football

7. In "The All Night Party", Beaver referred to the police as:
  A.   coppers
  B.   the fuzz
  C.   the heat
  D.   the man

8. According to Beaver, this made you look like a tough guy:
  A.   a leather jacket
  B.   a moustache
  C.   a new white shirt
  D.   a sweater with a hole in it

9. In "The Clothing Drive", Beaver won the award for:
  A.   Friendliest Classmate
  B.   Good Citizenship
  C.   Perfect Attendance
  D.   Science

10. In "Kite Day", Beaver asked Mr. Henderson to:
  A.   cancel Kite Day
  B.   give him some ribbon to make a kite tail with
  C.   make it rain
  D.   repair his kite®   

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