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Trivia Quiz - Adventures in Babysitting

Here's a quiz for the few out there who have actually seen this cute, funny 1987 film, starring Elisabeth Shue. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 5277
Date Submitted: February 26, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 78.7 percent
Times Taken: 111 times
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Adventures in Babysitting
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1. What did Sara do with Brad's Clearasil?
  A.   used it for brown paint in a painting
  B.   used it to "camo" her face
  C.   mixed it with water and pretended it was chocolate soda
  D.   painted the bathtub walls with it

2. What did Mike Todwell's license plate say?
  A.   Best Man
  B.   Lover Boy
  C.   So Cool
  D.   Treetop

3. Where did Mr. Pruitt take the car Chris was driving?
  A.   Dawson's Garage
  B.   Larry's Auto Service
  C.   Mannie's Motor Hospital
  D.   Pep Boys

4. What was Brenda watching on the little TV at the bus station?
  A.   The Brady Bunch
  B.   Leave It To Beaver
  C.   The Flintstones
  D.   I Love Lucy

5. What was the name of the place where Chris and the other kids had to sing the blues?
  A.   The Ebony Lounge
  B.   The Green Light
  C.   The Red Top
  D.   The Silver Dollar Room

6. What was the gang belonged to by the guy who dropped his knife into Brad's foot?
  A.   Devil's Helpers
  B.   Kryptonite Warriors
  C.   Lords of Hell
  D.   Men About Town

7. How many stitches did Brad get in his foot?
  A.   9
  B.   1
  C.   7
  D.   3

8. What was the name of the girl who made out with Daryl?
  A.   Annie Sue
  B.   Betty Jo
  C.   Jenny Lou
  D.   Sue Ann

9. Who was Sara's favorite super hero?
  A.   Batman
  B.   Captain America
  C.   Spiderman
  D.   Thor

10. Whom did Mike go out with after breaking his date with Chris?
  A.   Caraway Lester
  B.   Dilly Carter
  C.   Masala Niall
  D.   Sesame Plexter®   

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