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Trivia Quiz - The Bodyguard: Easy Version

"The Bodyguard" is a suspenseful 1992 film, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. I especially love that it stars one of my old favorite actors, Ralph Waite. The music from this film was some of Whitney's very best.

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Date Submitted: February 18, 2014
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Bodyguard Easy Version
(Image Source: The Bodyguard Film Poster @ wikipedia)

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1. The first time Frank showed up at Rachel's house, he introduced himself on the gate's intercom as:
  A.   Alexander Graham Bell
  B.   Thomas Edison
  C.   Henry Ford
  D.   Abraham Lincoln

2. How did Henry injure his arm?
  A.   He was in a car accident.
  B.   A doll exploded near him.
  C.   He pulled a muscle waxing the limo.
  D.   A tree branch fell on him.

3. What was Frank's usual drink of choice?
  A.   iced tea
  B.   lemonade
  C.   orange juice
  D.   Pepsi

4. Rachel scheduled two concerts in Florida to benefit:
  A.   AIDS research
  B.   cancer research
  C.   hurricane victims
  D.   Save the Children

5. Frank's father had a cute little dog. What was his name?
  A.   Bananas
  B.   Foster
  C.   Gypsy
  D.   Ralphie

6. Which president did Frank talk about having protected in the past?
  A.   Bush
  B.   Clinton
  C.   Nixon
  D.   Reagan

7. Frank and his dad had been playing the same game of chess for how long?
  A.   18 months
  B.   9 years
  C.   6 months
  D.   3 years

8. Nicki arranged for Rachel's murder through a man named:
  A.   Armando
  B.   Ricardo
  C.   Samson
  D.   Victor

9. Frank told Flethcher he was afraid of:
  A.   boats
  B.   heights
  C.   "not being there"
  D.   public speaking

10. With whom did Rachel present the award for Best Song?
  A.   Clive Healy
  B.   Kay Colvin
  C.   Mychal Smith
  D.   Tom Winston®   

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