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Trivia Quiz - Tom Laughlin: Actor and Icon

Tom Laughlin was one of my favorite actors of all time. I loved what he stood for and the messages contained in his films. This quiz is meant to be a sort of tribute to a man whose "Billy Jack" character became a cultural icon.

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Date Submitted: December 31, 2013
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Tom Laughlin

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Tom Laughlin Actor and Icon
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1. What was Tom Laughlin's full name?
  A.   Thomas Leonard Laughlin
  B.   Frank Thomas Laughlin
  C.   Thomas Robert Laughlin
  D.   Thomas George Milner

2. What was the name of Tom Laughlin's wife?
  A.   Dania Jaire
  B.   Delores Taylor
  C.   Debbie Taylor
  D.   Delores Johnson

3. In which sport did Tom Laughlin participate in college?
  A.   soccer
  B.   basketball
  C.   wrestling
  D.   football

4. After Tom Laughlin wrote the screenplay for "Billy Jack", how long was it before the film was actually released?
  A.   4 years
  B.   18 months
  C.   17 years
  D.   2 years

5. In the 1960s, Tom and his wife started a Montessori school in California. Which of the following actors had a son in attendance there?
  A.   Burt Lancaster
  B.   Marlon Brando
  C.   Jack Lemmon
  D.   Sean Connery

6. Tom Laughlin lectured at universities all over the country on what subject?
  A.   Jungian psychology
  B.   martial arts
  C.   the plight of Native Americans
  D.   film marketing strategies

7. In which TV Western did Tom Laughlin appear in the late 50s?
  A.   The Rifleman
  B.   Bonanza
  C.   Riverboat
  D.   The Lone Ranger

8. In what film did Tom Laughlin have his first starring role?
  A.   Blackboard Jungle
  B.   Witness for the Prosecution
  C.   Vertigo
  D.   The Delinquents

9. Tom Laughlin was inspired to become an actor after seeing:
  A.   North By Northwest
  B.   The Glass Menagerie
  C.   A Sreetcar Named Desire
  D.   Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

10. What university was Tom attending when he met the woman who became his wife?
  A.   University of Wyoming
  B.   University of South Dakota
  C.   University of Wisconsin
  D.   Marquette University®   

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