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Trivia Quiz - Hitler's Henchmen

Adolf Hitler needed willing and equally sadistic subordinates to achieve his ambition. See if you can sort one debauched demon from the others.

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Date Submitted: December 21, 2013
Quiz Categories: World War II, German History
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: grant228
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Hitlers Henchmen
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1. I was a weak-looking poultry farmer who became the leader of the feared S.S. and then Gestapo. I was responsible for the arrest and deportation of thousands to death camps.
  A.   Richard Heydrich
  B.   Klaus Barbie
  C.   Heinrich Himmler
  D.   Joachim Strasser

2. I was crippled by an operation on my left foot but became Hitler's master propagandist. I was in charge of films, magazines, newspapers and mass rallies. I became Minister for Total War in 1944.
  A.   Albert Speer
  B.   Rudolf Hoess
  C.   Joachim von Ribbentrop
  D.   Joseph Goebbels

3. I was an overweight parody of the Aryan ideal. I became head of the Luftwaffe but lost influence after the Battle of Britain and Germany's inadequate air defences. I plotted to overthrow Hitler in the final days of World War II.
  A.   Hermann Goering
  B.   Martin Bormann
  C.   Josef Mengele
  D.   Rudolf Hess

4. I was responsible for the deaths of thousands of French civilians during World War II, sending many to death camps. I escaped after the war but eventually was captured, dying in a French jail cell in 1991.
  A.   Josef Mengele
  B.   Hans Heydrich
  C.   Klaus Barbie
  D.   Heinrich Himmler

5. I gave Hitler my enthusiastic support in his rise to power, becoming head of the Brown Shirts (SA) only to be killed in June, 1934 on the Night of the Long Knives and denounced as a sexual pervert.
  A.   Rudolf Hess
  B.   Klaus Barbie
  C.   Karl Donitz
  D.   Ernst Rohm

6. I was a member of the S.S. who became Kommandant of the Auschwitz death camp and responsible for the deaths of over one million people.
  A.   Rudolf Hoess
  B.   Heinrich Himmler
  C.   Klaus Barbie
  D.   Joachim von Ribbentrop

7. I became Hitler's deputy during 1941 and at the end of the war managed to escape, some say, to Bolivia.
  A.   Hermann Goering
  B.   Martin Bormann
  C.   Joseph Goebbels
  D.   Karl Donitz

8. I coordinated attacks on German Jews in pre-war Germany, became deputy of the S.S. and was called "the man with iron heart", formalising plans for the "final solution".
  A.   Rudolf Hess
  B.   Reinhard Heydrich
  C.   Rudolf Hoess
  D.   Kurt Strasser

9. I assisted Hitler in his rise to power, becoming his deputy but flew to Britain in May, 1941, dying in Spandau Prison in 1987.
  A.   Joachim von Ribbentrop
  B.   Albert Speer
  C.   Rudolf Hoess
  D.   Rudolf Hess

10. I was a doctor who performed unspeakable experiments on inmates of Auschwitz earning me the title "The Angel of Death". I fled to South America at the end of the war, dying in Brazil in 1979.
  A.   Klaus Barbie
  B.   Josef Mengele
  C.   Heinrich Himmler
  D.   Martin Bormann®   

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