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Trivia Quiz - All I Want for Christmas

"All I Want for Christmas" is my kind of holiday flick. It has a star-studded cast, including Lauren Bacall, along with a very young Ethan Randall (Embry) and Thora Birch.

Quiz Number: 5207
Date Submitted: December 12, 2013
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 53.3 percent
Times Taken: 54 times
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All I Want for Christmas
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1. What was Michael's nickname for Catherine?
  A.   Babycakes
  B.   Gorgeous
  C.   Princess
  D.   Slick

2. For what musical did Tony and Catherine have tickets?
  A.   Cats
  B.   Grease
  C.   The Lion King
  D.   Phantom of the Opera

3. What was Michael's diner called?
  A.   Brewster's
  B.   The Downtown Depot
  C.   Mike's Place
  D.   The 12th Street Diner

4. According to Lillian, the use of this word is the mark of a jerk:
  A.   charmed
  B.   divine
  C.   enchanting
  D.   lovely

5. Where was Stephanie from?
  A.   Boston
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Dover
  D.   Newark

6. At the Nutcracker Ballet, Hallie used a word incorrectly and was called out by Tony. What was the word?
  A.   dolt
  B.   jive
  C.   nauseous
  D.   unkempt

7. What was the name of Marshall's father?
  A.   Charlie
  B.   David
  C.   Malcolm
  D.   Vernon

8. What did Sylvia suggest Catherine's bridesmaids wear?
  A.   cowboy boots
  B.   jodhpurs
  C.   sweatsuits
  D.   tutus

9. What color tie did Hallie ask her father to wear with his suit?
  A.   burgundy
  B.   magenta
  C.   turquoise
  D.   maroon

10. What did Sonya give Jeff for Christmas?
  A.   a Beatles anthology
  B.   a gallon of eggnog
  C.   a book on the last days of Elvis
  D.   a book on the history of the Empire State Building®   

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