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Trivia Quiz - The War: Part Two

I hope you enjoy Part Two of my quiz on "The War", starring Elijah Wood, Kevin Costner, and Mare Winningham. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 5188
Date Submitted: November 15, 2013
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The War Part Two
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1. Stephen tells Stu that the only thing that keeps people truly safe and happy is:
  A.   believing in themselves
  B.   faith
  C.   ignorance
  D.   love

2. What is the name of Lidia's summer school teacher?
  A.   Miss Palmer
  B.   Mr. Rhodes
  C.   Mrs. Sheffield
  D.   Miss Strapford

3. In what Mississippi county is the hospital to which Stephen is taken?
  A.   Copiah
  B.   Hancock
  C.   Kendall
  D.   Madison

4. What song plays as the Lipnickis attack the kids' fort?
  A.   Abraham, Martin, and John
  B.   Get Together
  C.   Mercy, Mercy Me
  D.   Spirit in the Sky

5. What is the name of Stephen's wife?
  A.   Lyla
  B.   Louise
  C.   Loreen
  D.   Lois

6. What does Stu find in the water tower where Billy has been lying?
  A.   Elvadine's mood ring
  B.   the key to their fort's padlock
  C.   a silver dollar
  D.   Stephen's dog tags

7. Where is Stephen working when he has the accident that ultimately kills him?
  A.   an oil rig
  B.   a marble mine
  C.   a potato field
  D.   Stu's old school

8. What is the title of the book Lidia's summer school class is assigned to read?
  A.   Life is What You Make It
  B.   Live and Let Live
  C.   My Life and Welcome to It
  D.   Why My Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

9. According to Stephen, in the absence of ________, there is nothing in this world worth fighting for.
  A.   family
  B.   freedom
  C.   love
  D.   truth

10. What movie is playing at the theater shown at the end of the movie?
  A.   Creature From the Black Lagoon
  B.   Gone with the Wind
  C.   Love Story
  D.   Thunderball®   

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