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Trivia Quiz - The Shunning: Part One

"The Shunning" is a must-see for anyone with an interest in Amish culture. While I can't vouch for its accuracy, I can say it is well worth watching with the whole family.

Quiz Number: 5142
Date Submitted: October 15, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Shunning Part One
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1. What was the name of the book Laura's assistant was reading in the limo?
  A.   Amish Culture and History
  B.   Amish Life in America
  C.   Everything Amish
  D.   The Real World of the Amish

2. What was the name of the bishop's older son?
  A.   Benjamin
  B.   Daniel
  C.   Hickory John
  D.   Jacob

3. Where did Katie and her family live?
  A.   Cypress Grove
  B.   Hickory Hollow
  C.   Oakwood Hollow
  D.   Peaceful Valley

4. On what date was Katie born?
  A.   February 8th
  B.   June 5th
  C.   May 19th
  D.   November 1st

5. What was the name of the bishop's youngest brother?
  A.   David
  B.   Ephraim
  C.   John
  D.   Noah

6. Katie's first love was Daniel. What was his last name?
  A.   Beiler
  B.   Fisher
  C.   Glick
  D.   Yoder

7. What was the name of Laura's husband?
  A.   Dylan
  B.   Malcolm
  C.   Ted
  D.   Tom

8. What did Katie do with her guitar after she confessed to the bishop?
  A.   buried it
  B.   burned it
  C.   left it in the woods
  D.   smashed it

9. What was Laura's maiden name?
  A.   Dickson
  B.   Hutton
  C.   Mayfield
  D.   Pruitt

10. What was the name of the song Katie wrote?
  A.   Fireflies
  B.   Moonlight Dance
  C.   Our Yesterdays
  D.   Summer Nights®   

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