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Trivia Quiz - Robert E. Lee - Part II

Ten more questions on the man whose nobility and devotion to duty made him the quintessential icon of the U.S. Civil War. "Duty is the most sublime word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.”

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Date Submitted: September 23, 2013
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Quiz is about: Robert E Lee

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Robert E. Lee  Part II
(Image Source: Robert E. Lee Public Domain Photo)

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1. Prior to meeting on the Civil War battlefield, where did Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant first meet?
  A.   West Point Military School
  B.   At the Battle of New Orleans
  C.   They served in the Mexican-American War 1846-48.
  D.   Their families had been close friends

2. What pre-Civil War post did Robert E. Lee occupy?
  A.   Head of Lincoln's security detail
  B.   Secretary of War
  C.   Superintendent of West Point Military School
  D.   Ambassador to Canada

3. Prior to the Civil War, Robert E. Lee was involved in what military operation?
  A.   He led the force that suppressed John Brown's anti-slavery uprising at Harper's Ferry.
  B.   The War of 1812
  C.   The Niagara Campaign
  D.   The operation that captured Santa Anna after the Alamo

4. What was surprising with Lee siding with the forces of the Confederacy in 1861?
  A.   He was born in New York.
  B.   He had sounded out Lincoln to lead the Union Army.
  C.   Lee thought Jefferson Davis unfit to lead the South.
  D.   He was opposed to slavery and secession.

5. What Civil War campaign is generally regarded as Lee's first success?
  A.   Fredericksburg
  B.   Seven Days Battles
  C.   Chancellorsville
  D.   2nd Manassas

6. After what battle, did Lee write to Jefferson Davis, offering his resignation?
  A.   Richmond
  B.   Antietam
  C.   Gettysburg
  D.   South Mountain

7. Robert E. Lee's family home in Virginia was seized by Union forces and eventually became what national landmark?
  A.   The Pentagon
  B.   Fort Monroe National Monument
  C.   The Lee Chapel
  D.   Arlington National Cemetery

8. Following the Civil War, which of the following did Robert E. Lee not do?
  A.   Write his memoirs
  B.   As a college president, expel white students for attacks on local blacks.
  C.   Counsel Southerners to reconcile with the North.
  D.   Push for schooling for black children.

9. What was the cause of Robert E. Lee's death in 1870?
  A.   heart attack
  B.   mouth cancer
  C.   carriage accident
  D.   stroke

10. Because he joined the rebel forces, Robert E. Lee's citizenship was revoked. When was it restored?
  A.   1866
  B.   1870
  C.   1925
  D.   1975®   

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