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Trivia Quiz - The Phil Silvers Show

The Phil Silvers Show was one of the most well-known comedy shows of the mid to late 1950s and depicted the cons and "get rich quick" schemes of Master Sergeant Ernie Bilko. Test your knowledge of the show by answering these questions.

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Date Submitted: April 25, 2013
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Author: Samurai Sam
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The Phil Silvers Show
(Image Source: The Phil Silvers Show @ Wikipedia)

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1. In the Phil Silvers Show, Phil played the role of Master Sergeant Ernie Bilko. At what Army post was Bilko stationed during the shows first three seasons?
  A.   Fort Drum, New York
  B.   Fort Hood, Texas
  C.   Fort Knox, Kentucky
  D.   Fort Baxter, Kansas

2. What was the name of Bilko's commanding officer?
  A.   Colonel Flagg
  B.   Colonel Potter
  C.   Colonel Hall
  D.   Colonel Peterson

3. During its first season, the Phil Silvers Show was known under what alternate title?
  A.   You're in the Army Now
  B.   You'll Never Get Rich
  C.   The Rogue in Green
  D.   Top Kick

4. What actor, who later became known to American TV viewers on TV shows such as The Brady Bunch and Archie Bunker's Place appeared as a regular cast member on the Phil Silvers Show?
  A.   Harvey Lembeck
  B.   Ann B. Davis
  C.   Maurice Gosfield
  D.   Alan Melvin

5. What star of Car 54, Where Are You? had a recurring role in the Phil Silvers Show as Master Sergeant Rupert Ritzik?
  A.   Al Lewis
  B.   Fred Gwynne
  C.   Joe E. Ross
  D.   Harvey Lembeck

6. What was the name of Bilko's on-again off-again girlfriend in the show?
  A.   Joan Hogan
  B.   Alice Beasely
  C.   Margaret Grundy
  D.   Mary-Beth Olander

7. What Hanna-Barbera cartoon show of the 1960s was loosely based on The Phil Silvers Show?
  A.   The Flintstones
  B.   The Magilla Gorilla Show
  C.   Peter Potamus
  D.   Top Cat

8. That brand of cigarette was the principal sponsor of The Phil Silvers Show?
  A.   Winston
  B.   Marlboro
  C.   Camel
  D.   Lucky Strike

9. On what television network did The Phil Silvers Show appear during its four year run?
  A.   CBS
  B.   ABC
  C.   NBC
  D.   DuMont

10. Of what facility was Bilko in charge in the Phil Silvers Show?
  A.   The mess hall
  B.   The officer's club
  C.   The ammo dump
  D.   The motor pool®   

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