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Trivia Quiz - Anne Bancroft: Sophisticated Actress

We love you, Anne!

Quiz Number: 500
Date Submitted: April 30, 2006
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dana
Average Score: 48.9 percent
Times Taken: 203 times
Taken by Registered Users: 18
Quiz is about: Anne Bancroft

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Anne Bancroft Sophisticated Actress
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1. Anne Bancroft was married to whom for nearly 40 years?
  A.   James Garner
  B.   Merv Griffin
  C.   Mel Brooks
  D.   Paul Newman

2. Why did Anne Bancroft turn down the role of Chris MacNeil (the mother) in The Exorcist in 1973?
  A.   she was pregnant
  B.   she was making another movie
  C.   she was ill
  D.   she was on vacation

3. Anne Bancroft said that whom had the greatest impact on her career?
  A.   her mother
  B.   husband Mel Brooks
  C.   actor Dustin Hoffman
  D.   director Arthur Penn

4. Anne Bancroft was nominated for 5 Academy Awards but won only once. For which movie?
  A.   The Miracle Worker (1962)
  B.   The Graduate (1968)
  C.   The Pumpkin Eater (1964)
  D.   The Turning Point (1978)

5. In most of her films, Anne Bancroft does what before answering the telephone?
  A.   pours herself a drink
  B.   closes the shade
  C.   lights a cigarette
  D.   removes her earring

6. Anne Bancroft graduated from which of the following institutions?
  A.   Boston Conservatory
  B.   Hartford Conservatory
  C.   American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.
  D.   Washington Academy of Performing Arts

7. Anne Bancroft and her last husband were married at New York City Hall, where who served as their witness?
  A.   Dustin Hoffman
  B.   a passer-by
  C.   the office secretary
  D.   Anne's older sister, Joanne

8. Anne Bancroft won a Golden Globe award for "Best Motion Picture Actress" for her performace in what movie?
  A.   The Graduate (1968)
  B.   The Pumpkin Eater (1964)
  C.   To Be or Not to Be (1983)
  D.   The Miracle Worker (1962)

9. What role did Anne Bancroft play in the 1992 movie "Honeymoon in Vegas" with Nicholas Cage?
  A.   The Hotel Director
  B.   Cage's mother-in-law
  C.   Cage's dying mother
  D.   The Anchorwoman

10. Anne Bancroft was quoted as saying, "the best way to get most husbands to do something is to suggest what?
  A.   that they're too weak to do it.
  B.   they sleep on the couch.
  C.   you cut them off from sex.
  D.   that perhaps they're too old to do it.®   

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