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Trivia Quiz - Samuel Pepys

A quiz on Samuel Pepys, the man whose diary became the benchmark for wit, honesty and insight.

Quiz Number: 4814
Date Submitted: November 09, 2012
Quiz Categories: British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Samuel Pepys
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1. In which century did Samuel Pepys mostly live?
  A.   16th
  B.   17th
  C.   18th
  D.   19th

2. In which branch of the English Civil Service did Samuel Pepys rise?
  A.   Exchequer
  B.   Board of the Army
  C.   Board of Agriculture
  D.   Board of the Navy

3. Over approximately how many years did Samuel Pepys keep his diary?
  A.   10 years
  B.   15 years
  C.   22 years
  D.   27 years

4. Which of the following momentous events in English history was not recorded by Pepys in his diary?
  A.   The Great Fire of London
  B.   The Great Plague of London
  C.   The execution of Charles I
  D.   The restoration of the monarchy

5. What form of recording did Samuel Pepys use to safeguard the privacy of his diary?
  A.   coded shorthand
  B.   alphabetical code
  C.   a numeric code linked to the alphabet
  D.   mirror reverse writing

6. What was the final comment Samuel Pepys ended many of his diary entries with?
  A.   Morpheus calls
  B.   Slumber beckons
  C.   The eyelids droop
  D.   And so to bed

7. Why did Pepys stop writing his diary?
  A.   The death of his wife
  B.   Failing eyesight
  C.   His wife discovered some racier entries
  D.   His death

8. What career change did Pepys make at the age of 40?
  A.   He entered a monastery
  B.   He became an actor
  C.   He was elected to parliament
  D.   He practised as a doctor

9. Which of the following is not true of Samuel Pepys?
  A.   He was a great collector of books
  B.   He was a member of the Royal Society
  C.   He was made an earl by Charles II
  D.   He left no descendants

10. When did the first unabridged publication of Pepys' diary occur?
  A.   1884
  B.   1925
  C.   1958
  D.   1970®   

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