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Trivia Quiz - Warren Moon - Prolific Passer

How much do you know about the career of Former NFL Quarterback Warren Moon?

Quiz Number: 4750
Date Submitted: October 17, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 44.2 percent
Times Taken: 24 times
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Quiz is about: Warren Moon

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Warren Moon  Prolific Passer
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1. What jersey number did Warren wear while playing in the NFL?
  A.   1
  B.   4
  C.   7
  D.   10

2. Where did Warren play his collegiate football?
  A.   Oklahoma
  B.   Oklahoma State
  C.   Washington
  D.   Washington State

3. What team did Warren play for in the Canadian Football League (CFL) before playing in the NFL?
  A.   BC Lions
  B.   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  C.   Calgary Stampeders
  D.   Edmonton Eskimoes

4. What is Warrens real first name?
  A.   Harry
  B.   Harold
  C.   Warner
  D.   Ward

5. Warren Quarterbacked his CFL team to how many consecutive Grey Cup Championships?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

6. What NFL team won the bidding war for Warren's service's when he decided to join the NFL in 1984?
  A.   Houston Oilers
  B.   Oakland Raiders
  C.   Minnesota Vikings
  D.   Kansas City Chiefs

7. What NFL team did Warren play his last NFL game for?
  A.   Minnesota Vikings
  B.   Kansas City Chiefs
  C.   Houston Oilers
  D.   Oakland Raiders

8. What team was Warren traded to in 1994?
  A.   Houston Oilers
  B.   Oakland Raiders
  C.   Minnesota Vikings
  D.   Kansas City Chiefs

9. Warren signed as a Free Agent in 1996 with what NFL team, after refusing to take a 3.8 Million Dollar pay cut to back-up Brad Johnson in Minnesota after an injury?
  A.   Oakland Raiders
  B.   Kansas City Chiefs
  C.   Seattle Seahawks
  D.   Denver Broncos

10. On September 14, 1997, Warren became the first NFL player over age 40 to do what?
  A.   Start an NFL game
  B.   Score a Touchdown
  C.   Win an Overtime game
  D.   Throw 4 Touchdown passes in a game®   

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