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Trivia Quiz - Randy Weaver: His Life and Trials

Love him or hate him, Ruby Ridge Massacre survivor Randy Weaver is a unique figure in modern American political and cultural history. All about the life and trials of Randy Weaver.

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Date Submitted: August 26, 2012
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law, American Culture, American Military
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: KenKraska
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Quiz is about: Randy Weaver

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Randy Weaver His Life and Trials
(Image Source: Randy Weaver public domain image)

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1. Randy and Vicki Weaver moved their family to a simple plywood cabin in the mountains of Idaho for what reason/s?
  A.   To home school their children.
  B.   To better survive the societal meltdown they believed was coming.
  C.   In order to be left alone.
  D.   All of the above

2. Randy Weaver was formerly of what occupation?
  A.   A soldier in the US Army
  B.   A police officer in Iowa City, Iowa
  C.   A Legionaire in the French Foreign Legion
  D.   A clandestine assassin for MI-6

3. How many times was Randy Weaver shot in the US Marshall's raid on his home on August 21, 1992?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   None

4. How many of Weaver's family were killed by the federal agent's gunfire during the raid?
  A.   3-His wife Vicki, daughter Elishiba, son Samuel
  B.   2-Elishiba and Samuel.
  C.   2-Vicki and Samuel.
  D.   1-Elishiba

5. What provocative incident began the fire fight between the Weaver family and the federal agents?
  A.   The Weaver's shot at a low flying police helicopter they found annoying.
  B.   The police shot through the Weaver's window.
  C.   A US Marshall shot the Weaver family dog.
  D.   The police set up a road block at the end of their driveway.

6. After being tried for the death of a US Marshall killed in the subsequent fire fight and assorted other crimes how many charges was Randy Weaver found guilty of?
  A.   23
  B.   14
  C.   2
  D.   None.

7. How long did the stand-off between Weaver and the feds last?
  A.   six hours
  B.   two days
  C.   a week
  D.   ten days

8. The famous defense lawyer who defended Weaver at his trial was who?
  A.   Robert Kardashian
  B.   Gerry Spence
  C.   Johnny Cochran
  D.   Geoffrey Fieger

9. As a result of a Congressional inquiry into the actions of federal agents at Ruby Ridge the FBI did what?
  A.   Changed the way it deploys snipers.
  B.   Purchased more accurate firearms.
  C.   Hired more agents.
  D.   None of the above.

10. The FBI's treatment of Weaver and his family caused what change in American politics and culture?
  A.   Made more people hate Idaho.
  B.   Caused fewer people to own firearms.
  C.   Radicalized many against heavy handed government actions.
  D.   Made more people vote Republican.®   

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