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Trivia Quiz - Rush Limbaugh - America's #1 Radio Talk Show Host

Rush Limbaugh - America's #1 radio talk show host. Trivia quiz about his life, career and political ideals.

Quiz Number: 4664
Date Submitted: August 24, 2012
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Radio
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: KenKraska
Average Score: 48.1 percent
Times Taken: 21 times
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Quiz is about: Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh  Americas 1 Radio Talk Show Host
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1. Rush claims Sacramento, CA and Pittsburgh, PA as his two "adopted home-towns". What is Rush's actual hometown?
  A.   St. Louis, MO
  B.   Kansas City, KS
  C.   Kansas City, MO
  D.   Detroit, MI

2. Rush's family has long tradition in what profession?
  A.   Law
  B.   Medicine
  C.   Show business
  D.   Real estate development

3. Before Rush got into political/current events-talk radio, what did he do for a living?
  A.   radio DJ
  B.   public relations for sports teams
  C.   bar bouncer
  D.   A & C

4. Although he praises Ronald Reagan as the best president of his (Rush's) lifetime he regrets not having done what?
  A.   Contributing money to Reagan's campaign.
  B.   Doing radio commericals for Reagan when asked.
  C.   Getting Reagan's autograph when he had the chance.
  D.   Voting for him.

5. What stage-name did Rush Limbaugh use when he was a music radio DJ in Pittsburgh?
  A.   Rockin' Robbie Witworth
  B.   Slammin' Sam Bentley
  C.   Lee Christie
  D.   Bud Hamilton

6. What did the conservative-oriented magazine, "National Review" call Limbaugh in 1998?
  A.   A big fat idiot.
  B.   The "true" leader of the opposition to liberalism.
  C.   An entertainer not a political expert.
  D.   the first GOP president of the 21st century

7. In addition to his awards for broadcasting, what other honor has Limbaugh been given in his home state?
  A.   Made an honorary mayor of St. Louis.
  B.   Put a bronze bust of him in the state capitol building.
  C.   Gave him a lifetime pass to the Missouri state fair.
  D.   Presented him a lifetime pass for all St. Louis Rams football games.

8. What physical ailment almost ended Limbaugh's broadcasting career?
  A.   Prescription drug abuse.
  B.   Multiple Sclorosis
  C.   The onset of profound deafness in both ears
  D.   A & C

9. Limbaugh holds an annual fundraising telethon called the "EIB Cure-a-Thon" every year for what charitable organization?
  A.   American Cancer Society
  B.   Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  C.   The American Civil Liberties Union
  D.   St. Jude's Hospital of St. Louis

10. Limbaugh has been featured on all the following magazine's covers but one. Which one is it?
  A.   National Review
  B.   Time
  C.   Cigar Afficianado
  D.   High Times®   

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