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Trivia Quiz - Which Assassin Shot Which US President?

A trivia quiz on which assassin shot or would-be assassin attempted to shoot which US President.

Quiz Number: 4648
Date Submitted: August 16, 2012
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, Crime & Law, Assassinations
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: KenKraska
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Which Assassin Shot Which US President
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1. Who shot President John Garfield in 1881?
  A.   George Atzerodt
  B.   Lee Harvey Oswald
  C.   David Herold
  D.   Charles John Gaiteau

2. Who shot President Abraham Lincoln in 1865?
  A.   Timothy McVeigh
  B.   Dr. Samuel Mudd
  C.   John Wilkes. Booth
  D.   John J. McClelland

3. Who shot President McKinley in 1901?
  A.   Leon Czolgosz
  B.   Lewis Powell
  C.   Benito Mussolini
  D.   Ferdinando Nicola Sacco

4. Who shot ex-President Theodore Roosevelt who was campaigning for a third term in 1912?
  A.   Joe Hill
  B.   John Schrank
  C.   Norman Ornstein
  D.   Kip Halliwill

5. Who tried to kill President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933?
  A.   Harry Neurvox
  B.   Giuseppe Zangara
  C.   Vito Giacologne
  D.   Lee Harvey Oswald

6. Who tried to kill President Truman in 1950?
  A.   Lee Harvey Oswald
  B.   John Surratt
  C.   Samuel Arnold
  D.   Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo

7. Who killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963?
  A.   Connie Leroy Wilkens
  B.   Jack Ruby
  C.   Patten Oswald
  D.   Lee Harvey Oswald

8. Who shot at President Gerald R. Ford in 1975?
  A.   Lynette Fromme
  B.   Sara Jane Moore
  C.   Arnold Stang
  D.   Both A & B

9. Who shot President Ronald W. Reagan in 1981?
  A.   James Earl Ray
  B.   Lee Harvey Oswald
  C.   John Hinckley, Jr.
  D.   Mark David Chapman

10. Who shot Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was a candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination for President in 1968?
  A.   Sirhan Sirhan
  B.   Charles Manson
  C.   James Earl Ray
  D.   Joe Stiglitz®   

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