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Trivia Quiz - By Their Own Hand - Famous Suicides

Find those who opted to end it all rather than let nature or others take their course. A challenging trivia quiz about famous suicides.

Quiz Number: 4596
Date Submitted: July 11, 2012
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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By Their Own Hand  Famous Suicides

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1. Which of the following writers died by self-inflicted gunshot?
  A.   Oscar Wilde
  B.   Virginia Woolf
  C.   Ernest Hemingway
  D.   F. Scott Fitzgerald

2. Which of the following Nazis decided not to kill himself?
  A.   Martin Bormann
  B.   Josef Goebbels
  C.   Adolf Hitler
  D.   Hermann Goering

3. Which of the following artists decided to take his life?
  A.   Rembrandt van Rijn
  B.   Michelangelo
  C.   Vincent Van Gogh
  D.   Andy Warhol

4. Which ancient warrior killed himself rather than be taken prisoner?
  A.   Hannibal
  B.   Genghis Khan
  C.   Alexander the Great
  D.   Augustus Caesar

5. Which of the following famous Romans did not commit suicide?
  A.   Marcus Brutus
  B.   Mark Antony
  C.   Nero
  D.   Caligula

6. Which queen took matters into her own hands, ending her life?
  A.   Marie Antoinette
  B.   Cleopatra
  C.   Mary, Queen of Scots
  D.   Mary I

7. Which of the following actresses did not end her life herself?
  A.   Jayne Mansfield
  B.   Marilyn Monroe
  C.   Margaux Hemingway
  D.   Capucine

8. Which of the following ancients did not take their life?
  A.   Queen Boadicea
  B.   Seneca
  C.   Plato
  D.   Socrates

9. Which of the following English soldiers died by his own hand?
  A.   Robert Clive
  B.   Duke of Wellington
  C.   Douglas Haig
  D.   Bernard Montgomery

10. Which of the following US celebrities did not kill himself?
  A.   Freddie Prinze
  B.   Gig Young
  C.   Jonathan Brandis
  D.   Al Martino®   

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