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Trivia Quiz - Eleanor Roosevelt - A Life of Melancholy

Acclaimed nationally and internationally, Eleanor Roosevelt's life was punctuated by loss and sadness. It has been said some of these challenges help make her the extraordinary woman she was.

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Date Submitted: July 01, 2012
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Quiz is about: Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt  A Life of Melancholy
(Image Source: Eleanor Roosevelt @ Wikipedia)

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1. Because she didn't meet accepted standards of beauty, what nickname was Eleanor Roosevelt given by her family?
  A.   Pugsley
  B.   Granny
  C.   Eddie
  D.   Pops

2. What tragedy befell Eleanor Roosevelt at the age of 8?
  A.   Her mother died
  B.   Her father died
  C.   Her father left the family home
  D.   Her brother,Elliott died

3. Less than a year later, what tragedy next hit the Roosevelt household and Eleanor?
  A.   Her mother died
  B.   Her father died
  C.   Her father left the family home
  D.   Her brother, Elliott died.

4. In 1894 what next tragedy was wrought on Eleanor who was not yet 10?
  A.   Her mother died
  B.   Her father died
  C.   Her father left the family home
  D.   Her brother, Elliott died

5. Following her marriage to Franklin Roosevelt in 1905, what was the next heartbreak Eleanor experienced, occurring in 1909?
  A.   The death of her son James
  B.   The death of her son, Elliott
  C.   The death of her son, Franklin Jr
  D.   The death of her son, John

6. Why did Eleanor Roosevelt describe the winter of 1922 as the most trying winter of her life?
  A.   Franklin had been unsuccessful in his bid for Vice-President.
  B.   She discovered love letters which indicated an affair between her husband and another woman.
  C.   Her husband was informed by Al Smith that the Democratic Party would not support his bid for the presidency.
  D.   Seeing her husband, Franklin's battle with polio

7. In 1941 which member of Eleanor Roosevelt's family died from alcoholism?
  A.   Her brother, Hall
  B.   Her son, John
  C.   Her son, Elliott
  D.   Her grandson, Paul

8. Following the death of his mother, what slight did Franklin Roosevelt impose on Eleanor?
  A.   He removed their wedding photo and replaced it with a picture of his mother.
  B.   She was not allowed to change the house they were living in which was originally Franklin's mother's.
  C.   He passed on all his mother's jewelry to his daughter, Anna and offered none to Eleanor.
  D.   He allowed Eleanor to read his mother's diary which contained uncomplimentary remarks about her.

9. In the late 1950's Dr David Gurewitsch came into Eleanor's life providing companionship and, some say, romance. How was Eleanor eventually hurt by this relationship?
  A.   Gurewitsch sold his story to the New York Times.
  B.   Gurewitsch was only using Eleanor to gain political influence.
  C.   Gurewitsch married a younger woman.
  D.   Gurewitsch was seeing a number of women at the same time.

10. In 1960 what final family tragedy did Eleanor Roosevelt have to cope with?
  A.   The death of her grand daughter, Sally
  B.   The death of her son, James
  C.   The death of her daughter, Anna
  D.   The death of her grandson, James®   

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